BEST Sub-100$ CHINESE EARPHONES - Hidden Gems, Best deals and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

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  1. Nymphonomaniac
    1/19/2018 Poll for best sub-10$ IEM:
    RESULT: KZ ZS3 (9) first place, Einsear T2 second (6), KZ ATR third (4).
    4/7/2018 Poll for Best sub-30$ IEM:

    Hi Headfiers,

    these days we can find for cheap really good audio gear from China but it's a hit and miss game that can be expensive if chance is against us.
    From 5$ to 150$ the earphones choice is vast and the brands are infinite. Sometime it don't even have any brand like DIY IEM from Aliexpress so how can we be confident as a budget audiophile in this overcrowded earphones market?

    Well, I think it's by sharing our toughs and advice and I do not feel there enough threads about supremely good-value chinese (or asian) earphones-headphones (condensed one).

    As the thread starter I can try to update the valuable suggestions for the Best Chinese brand earphones findable and will include little description here in the first post so Headfiers will not have to read scattered impressions and feel more lost than well guided at they end.
    In this list I sincerly try to keep ONLY the best earphones (price-value and sound) and hidden GEMS of whole China and i'm dead serious about it[​IMG]
    If possible I will put a link to the product at the best price possible.

    WARNING: WOOEASY (AK Audio store) is BANNED on Headfi, please don't talk about this seller and its Yinyoo brand, as well as don't share link to his store. It is a Headfi policy, sorry for inconvenience.

    Less than 10$ :

    -Tennmak Porcelain:
    -Xiaomi Pistons colorful:
    -Plextone S50: Big, spacious and Foward mids, good details and treble. Superb foward Vocal (it's all about vocal here). Fragile construction but good looking. Strange DIY cable. Perfect for signers without alot of instrumental. Excellent synergy with Xduoo X3.
    -Cogoo T02: Lot of great reviews and can be find on Aliexpress for about 8-10$.
    -KZ Ed2: ''Bright and detailed mids and highs, with more than enough bass to keep the hype going. Need good amping.'' Full review:
    -KZ Edr2: ''Bright and detailed mids and highs, with more than enough bass to keep the hype going. Same as Ed2''
    -KZ Ed3c The acme: ''The ED3c in-ears offer a good build quality with a nice and sonically correct midrange as well as a resolution that is easily above the price range. Though, the lows seem a bit blunt at times and the treble loses differentiation with complex music.'' Full reviews:
    -KZ Ed3 The perfection: ''Good soundstage, big punchy bass with some sub bass, good details and micro details, sometime bright texture. Muscular V shaped sound presentation with sparkly treble. All metal construction. INCREDIBLE VALUE but hard to find!''
    -KZ-Hds1: ''Resolution, value, tuning, correct mids, balanced with a bit more mass, precise instrument placement'' Full reviews:
    -KZ ATE:
    -Awei ES800m:
    -Monoprice 8320: "The most non fatiguing IEM which makes listining to hours and hours of music a joy. The only downside is getting a good fit and the horrendous cable which forever keeps the tangly form in which they were wrapped up. These are rated insanely high by Joker and their retail price is only $7.11 for US headfi-ers, but i had to buy them from a fellow headfi-er for €10 which is still worth it. Get these and the ES800M and you have two of the best bang for buck IEM with very different sound signatures.''
    -Kanen IP808: ''WOW these are powerful. Holy freakin bass. These are very, very good for ~$10''
    -AEAR A-029: ''Unbelievable bass response. Very deep and pounding. A very immersive listening experience.'' Full review:
    -VE Monk: Have to put this earbud that made headfiers crazy. ''Natural sounding; A good all-rounder; Excellent sound quality at a very affordable price.'' Full reviews:
    -Tuna X6: ''Good soundstage with fowards mids and good punchy bass. All metal construction. Good details and decay.''
    -Tuna X1:
    -Tuna Cm6 earbud:
    -QKZ W1 pro: ''Overall detail throughout all frequencies is good, but not mind blowing. Soundstage is airy and spacious, but won't be giving you the sort of 3D or out-of-head experience. Pleasant mids. Good neutral bass'' Full review:
    -Remax 565i:
    -MEE RX18:
    -Meeaudio m9 Classic:
    -TY HI-Z:
    -UiiSii HM7:
    Aggressively fun sound signature. Unexpectedly excellent sound quality. Weightless design. Very comfortable. Soft flexible cable. Extremely cheap. Review:
    -Danao D21 (micro dynamic driver): ''Exceptional clarity and details with good soundstage for the price, shy bass'' Full review:
    -Fonge T01 (3-5$): ''Suprisingly good construction, bassy sound that do not bloat other frequencies'' Review:
    -Moreblue DM8 (3-5$): ''Warm,bassy sound with good control, good soundstage and fun soundsignature. Incredible value.'' Review:
    -QKZ DM200: (Review:
    -QKZ DM300: (Review:

    11 to 20$:

    -Urbanfun Dual drivers earphones (DD+BA): ''Balanced armature earphones with a balanced sound, fowards vocals and high, very elegant sound presentation and good instrument separation, a masterpiece for the price!!''
    -Superlux HD381: ''Excellent resolution, details and very wide soundstage. Superb bass perfomance and good extension. Good present mids but not super fowards. Very fun and lively soundsignature. Incredible for the price!!!'' (Full review: 10-25$
    -Superlux HD381F: ''Very good tonal balance from bass to treble, I didn't spot any unnatural rise or fall across the spectrum, it just sounds natural. Good amount of bass precisely what I like, well controlled and no boomy bass at all. Natural midrange that is suitable for I can say any genres of music and vocal. The midrange doesn't sound dry, just natural, and a bit warm, just nice. The high is also natural, with enough sparkling.'' ( 12-15$
    -WRZ X7: Dual drivers (6mm+8mm) that got lot of hype on the net. Described as very dynamic, punchy and detailed sound.
    -LETV Reverse Stereo earphones: ''Super wide soundstage, good details, bassy earphones with a W shaped sound, sub bass bump in a good way. One of the best earphones for the price, really awesone with a somewhat similar soundsignature to the Zircon imo. A SUPREME hidden gem!''
    -Joyroom E-107: ''Simply amazing sound quality. Clear mids and crisp highs with no distortions. Smooth and fast bass response with sufficient depth (punchy but no sub bass). Super small and good looking.'' Need good amping to get loud sound. In my opinion better sounding than the Etymotic MC3 with a similar soundsignature. Full review:
    -Joyroom JR-E103: ''Clear mids and crisp highs with no distortions. Deep and powerful bass response, not overbearing.'' Full review:
    -Joyroom JR-E109: ''Massive bass depth and quality, gentle but present mids and detailed and vivid highs.'' (Full review: 10$ here:
    -Xiaomi Pistons 3:''Less good than the Pistons V2 but great construction and wide dark sound for the price.''
    -Moxpad X3:
    -Moxpad X6:
    -Rock Zircon: ''Exceptional sound quality. The bass is immersive and surrounding, the mids are precise and the highs are smooth and crisp.'' Full review:
    -Rock Zircon Nano:
    -KZ Ate: *There 4 models of this earphones but they all sound good* ''Impressive soundstage and bass performance, good mids and warm treble. Rolled off high but good details overall. Energic and fun sound signature with good weight in bass.''
    -KZ Rx: ''The bass is warm, not too deep, and not too overwhelming. The mids are quite precise, even if pushed back slightly, and the highs are crisp and loud, but not as bright as I would like them to be.'' Full review:
    -KZ zs1-2: ''Pretty clear sound quality overall. The bass goes pretty deep, if you can push the earphones deep enough. Can distort at very high volume.'' Full review: &
    -KZ Dt-5: ''The DT5 are among the best KZ earphones. The bass is punchy and deep, much deeper than RX, with pounding sub-bass. The mids are precise and clean, even if slightly pushed back, as is expected with V-shaped sound signatures. The highs are crisp and very enjoyable, not fatiguing at all.'' Full review:
    -KZ Dt-9
    -KZ ED10:
    -KZ IE80: ''A very balanced sound with accurate mids, crisp highs and balanced bass response, especially the excellent mid-bass and low-mids.'' Full review:
    -Tennmak Dulcimer: ''They have crystal-clear sound, vivid and detailed. The bass is deep but controlled, and doesn't muffle the mids or highs at all.'' (Full review: (
    -VJJB V1S dual drivers:
    -VJJB K2S:
    -VJJB N1 dual drivers (detachable cable):

    -Brainwavz Omega: ''Good tonality and clarity, small housing for easy fit and better comfort.'' Full review:
    -Hisoundaudio Flamenco: ''Bouncy, big bass and all round bouncy fun that’s about making you dance about the place. They aren’t going for a neutral critical. Energic and playfull sounding.'' Full review:
    -Dunu Trident:
    -Soundmagic PL30:
    -Fidue A31:
    -Fostex TE-02: ''very neutral, really good soundstage, resolution clearly above the price, value, fast and arid bass response'' Full review:
    -Vsonic VSD1s: ''most articulate sub $100.00 bass I ever heard, buttery smooth mids, beautifully airy with WC clarity'' Was 40 before, now can be find at 20$ on Aliexpress! Headfiers go quite crazy about this earphones, i'll buy one soon! Reviews:
    -UiiSii HM7: ''Extreme level of detail with a bright sound signature, and enough bass to keep things warm.'' Full review:
    -USAMS Tenna: ''They are loud and powerful, yet clear and vivid. Especially good for vocal-based music, and even acoustic instruments. Not very suitable for bass-oriented music, because the sub-bass isn't really there.'' Full review:
    -BYZ K30: ''Insane bass quality and depth, and loud and crisp highs. The mids are decent as well. Although the highs are very bright, the mids sound slightly colored and sibilant.'' Can be found for less than 15$ (including shipping) on Ebay. Full review:
    -Remax RM-565i: (8$ Gearbest but real price is more like 15-20 elsewhere)
    -Langsdom A10: ''A fantastic sound quality, especially the lows - deep and kicking with excellent sub-bass, and the highs - sharp and detailed. The mids are slightly overwhelmed by the massive bass response.'' (Full review: 18-30$ on Aliexpress.
    -SENFER F05: '' Dark, detailed, energic sound with fast punchy bass and wide soundstage. Incredible construction and beautifull look. Very underatted hidden gem!''
    -VORSON VIM-6012S: ''6012S has heavy bass but this bass does not contaminate mid and treble! 6012s has the widest soundstage below $20 class''
    -SWING DIY IE800: ''Excellent construction. Superbly detailed and energic sound with good texture and neutral soundsignature. punchy bass and excellent instruments separation. Look like a precious jewel. Sound WAY over his price range!!! ''
    -Mannhas E-170: ''Excellent reproduction of the fundamental frequencies, transparency, detail, and volume - in Mannhas E170 has it all.'' (Review in russian:
    -Mannhas C-190: ''Large soundstage, detailed with measured bass'' Review:
    -Kinera BAS02 (Single balanced armature): ''Balanced sound and excelent clarity, light bass''
    -Hisoundaudio Flamenco: ''7mm micro driver wood earphone. Just so much fun, plenty of bass, clarity and foot tapability.''
    -Ipsdi Dolphin:
    -TIn Audio T515:

    -Boarseman K25: ''The sound is every bit as good as the Monk+ and Ty Hi-Z, maybe slightly smoother than the other two. Good bass and big soundstage, not quite as expansive as the Monks from memory.''
    -Phrodi POD-007:
    -Senfer VT66 dual drivers:
    -Memt X5:
    ''Bass monster with good treble and details, very exciting soundsignature'' Review:
    -Somic V4 Dual Drivers: ''Good punchy bass, great resolution and clarity, sparkly treble and superb instruments separation. Exciting and lively sound. Great silver plated cable.Ultimate value.'' (Full review:
    -Einsear T2: ''bassy but clear with enough details and warm mids, a must have all arounder Gem'' Review:
    -Seahf AWK-009: ''Impressive clarity with neutral soundsignature, punchy bass, fowards mids, good soundstage. Incredible value.'' Reviews:
    -Mrz Toneking TS1: ''Wide soundstage with good clarity and treble'' Review:
    -NICEHCK BRO Hybrid (1BA+1DD):

    21 to 30$:
    -Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Pro (priced between 25-40):''Exquisite U shaped soundsignature with beefy bass, present mids and sparkling highs, good construction, remote control and mic, incredible VALUE and cheapest 3 drivers hybrid'' Review:
    -Xiaomi Pistons 2 (hard to find): Extremely enjoyable V shaped sound that still have good mids, big soundstage and good treble, great all-arounder with warm sound. Good sturdy construction.
    -Xiaomi Hybrid:''Easy to listen to for long periods, non fatiguing, good detail. Great build quality and great value for money. Bass can get out of control at high listening volumes.'' (Full reviews:
    -LZ-02A: ''Bright, punchy sound with fowards mids and sparkly treble. Energic sound signature, average soundstage.''
    -LZ-03A: ''Dense bass, clear mids and trebles, high resolution. Great price to performance ratio, Entertaining sound signature, improved design from previous model'' (Full reviews: 25$ here:
    -DZAT DF-10: ''Absolutely amazing sound quality. The bass is present, but balanced, the mids are precise and crisp and the highs are vivid, bright and sharp.'' Full review:
    -DZAT DR-10:
    -DZAT DR-20: ''A more than acceptable sound quality, pretty clear and neutral.''
    -Wallytech WEA-106:
    -Earmax ER580: VERY intriguing! (review:
    -SENDIY M2: "Natural and life-like soundstage with the ability to articulate all details, instruments and vocals realistically -so far, the best dynamic IEM I ever lend ears to."
    -Boarseman CX98: ''These have a great bass, but it's moderate and leaves enough room for the mids and highs to shine. The mids are detailed, and the highs are bright and crisp. The build quality is superb, just like KR49i's build quality.'' (Full review:
    -Boarseman KR49i: ''They have a V-shaped sound, yes, but they sound loud and extremely high quality for their price. The build quality is great'' Full review:
    -VJJB K1:
    -VJJB K4S: ''Simply amazing sound quality. The bass is unbelievable, the mids are precise and crisp and the highs are vivid and comfortably bright.'' Full review:
    -Tennmak Pro Dual driver: ''Soundstage above average, good accentuated bass and sub bass, no sybilance, good overall details and warm mids. Smooth treble. Good construction and durable''
    -Tennmak Banjo: ''Super strong bass, great mids and highs considering the bass amount, high durability and built quality'' (Full review:
    -Tennmak Piano:
    -Pioneer SE-CL331: TE-02 20$ clone.
    -Remax RM600M: ''Excellent soundstage and placement of instruments. Vocals are very lively and the whole spectrum is beautifully balanced with explicit details. Bass is clear and deep with a great realistic feel, punch, and slam to them'' ''Serious earphone for $25. Great built. Sound amazing especially woman voice. Forward mid. A little boost mid high. Fast bass. Nice treeble. no sibilance. Good imaging. Sondstage not too wide. Must burn in 200+(MUST!). Perfect earphone for jazz.''
    -Musicmaker FengYin:
    -Musicmaker TW1: (review:
    -Kinera BD05: ''Warm neutral sound, good details, wide sounstage and nice imaging'' (Review:
    -Sendiy M2:
    -E-mi C1880 Hybrid:
    ''Clear sound, bright and detailed. excellent mids, no sibilance. Ultimate value and a big favorite of lot of headfiers''
    -KZ ZS5 4drivers (2DD+2BA): ''Incredibly wide and 3D like soundstage, very good instrument separation, present bright vocal, extended treble. Not for treble sensitive but otherwise it deserve the buzz it create. ULTIMATE VALUE & a MUST HAVE!''Reviews: BEST PRICE (15-25$):


    -MrZ Tomahawk: ''Neutral clean sound, incredible soundstage. Fantastic Build Quality & Design, Multiple Foam Covers, Wonderful Clean Sound Signature, Big Soundstage. Balanced sound, Clarity and detail, Agile/tactile bass response, Metal Design looks and feels brilliant, Well relieved cabled.'' ''The earbuds are very big and little heavy so if you have small ear holes it will be uncomfortable or unwearable. Treble is unforgiving and very revealing so good music source is important as well as good amping to appreciate this excellent hifi earbuds.''
    -TTPOD T1-E: ''L shaped headphones without hitting basshead levels. Clear and articulate bass. Subbass reaching deep. Powerful and thick mids. Highs sound accurate but do not extend as far as with other headphones, making them a bit dark sounding. ''
    -HLSX 808:
    -HLSX BK35:
    -Shozy Zero: ''Wide soundstage, Strong and punchy bass, Well-designed wooden body, Slightly recessed mids and highs'' Full reviews: (Thread:
    -Fidue A65: ''neutral signature, good performance, good detail, great price, gorgeous, changing signature based on amping'' (Full reviews:
    -Fiio EX1:
    -Brainwavz ProAlpha (Visang R02):
    -Hifiman RE-400
    -Soundmagic E10: ''Great Soundstage, Attractive Appearance, Great Sound, Good Packaging and "Goodies" Full reviews:
    -Astrotec AX35 ''Great Build Quality, High-Quality Cable, Happy Medium in Sound Signature and Sound Quality. Quality sound, excellent build, hybrid design, great price" (Reviews: 55-65$ on Aliexpress.
    -AudioSense AS20:
    -i.Valux 8mm: (Review:
    -Ownluxe (UE Custom):
    -BOSSHIFI B3 Hybrid: ''Exceptional clarity, balanced sound, detailed and midcentric, beautiful construction'' Review:
    -BOSSHIFI BK50 Hybrid: (call HLSX BK50 too) ''Detailed but warmer and bassier than B3, excellent value too''
    -TK Maples:
    -DQSM 2:
    -Senfer UE DIY:
    -Havi B3 Pro 1:
    -Ostry KC06:
    -Vivo XE800: ''Neutral, detailled, dirt cheap and very capable. Surely same driver than Vsonic Gr07''
    -Senfer DT2:
    -OwnLuxe: '' Wide airy soundstage, boomy bass that go deep but do not bloat the shy mids, good instruments separation and sound layers perception,warm non fatiguing soundsignature, rolled off high but good details retreival. Detachable cable of good quality but that produce microphonic because of his rather not fexible material. Beautifull construction and lots of extra stuff in the package.''
    -Senfer 4in1:
    -PMV A-01 MK2 (was 80 are now around 60$): ''Immense and immersive soundstage, clinical instrument separation, extreme texture and details, energic and foward with 3d sound, very sensitive, ultimate sound experience that transform your human hearing for bats hearing. Very very fascinating!'' Reviews:
    -Senfer XBA 6in1 (1dd+2ba): ''Deep detailed and well rendered bass, wide soundstage, dynamic and fun warm sound signature with treble sparkle, present mids and highs with good clarity, very versatile performance!''
    -KZ ZS5 (2DD+2BA drivers): ''Cheapest 4 drivers earphones on earth, 3D soundstage and excellent bass and details (not lot of reviews yet just an impression collected on net)'' Reviews:
    -Ty Hi-Z G3: ''Bright, detailed and vast airy soundsignature with excellent treble extension and instrument separation. Bass shy but covering back vent can give more low" Review:
    -Whizzer A15: (Review:
    -Swing EC1 (1DD+2BA): ''Excellent value if you like V-Shaped soundsignature with over average details retreival (for the price)'' (Review:
    -TFZ Exclusive 1:
    -TFZ Exclusive 3:
    -TinAudio T2:
    -Zhiyin Z5000:

    -PMV A-01 (60-80$): '' Ultra detailed sound, 3D space, excellent instrument separation, good bass resolution, easy to drive, but not so comfortable and can sound bright with some audio source.''


    -TK12: ''A relaxing yet involving listen, Bass, Huge Soundstage, Thick note presentation.'' Full reviews:
    -TK13: ''Foward mids, refined sound with better micro details, still ton of bass and punch. Sparkly treble, rolled off highs''
    -UPQ Q-music QE50: (OEM of the Fidue A73)
    -1more Triple Drivers:
    -Tfz Series 5:
    -HiSoundAudio HA-2:
    -Dunu Titan 1: ''High level of detail, spacious sounding, very linear tonality with triple flange eartips, durable metal housing, & player friendly.'' Full reviews:
    -SIMGOT EN700 (bass):
    -TFZ Series 4:
    -TFZ Series 5:
    -Magaosi K3 Pro:

    EXCEPTION (100-150$):
    -Wemlik K3:
    -Toneking Ninetails (1DD with changeble tips and back):
    -Toneking TK12S:
    -Magoasi K3 HD:
    -Ibasso IT01:
    -WHizzer Haydn A15 PRO
    -LA-A4 (2BA+1DD) (can be found on Ebay for less than 150$):
    -Magaosi K5:

    ====================This list will grow with time so please share your discoveries!==============

    DISCLAIMER: I'm in no way affiliated to the links I put or the brands I show, if you find a better long lasting price (shipping price include) for one of the earphones above please write me PM with the link so I can change it. I try to find the best deal for each earphones in the list but don't know all the stores of internet! This list is IN CONSTANT CONSTRUCTION. Need more time and headfier propositions before it became more informative.

    Hope it will help to make a good earphone choice to LOT of headfiers!

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  2. Sylmar
  3. DeLuX
    Great idea for a thread! I'm an avid reader of the chinese threads and I have quite a few of the phones mentioned. However I would love it if the prices in this thread allso went a bit higher, maybe upp to around 100$ or so. Myself I feel I'm done with the sub 30$range, I am amazed at the quality available for the price but it's just that "for the price" I don't need to buy more IEMs that are good for their price, I now want IEMs that are good. Recently got the LZ-A3 wich I consider to be just that, good! For an affordable price
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  4. Nymphonomaniac
    Hi, thanks for the reply.
    How many sub-30$ IEM do you have and can you tell us what are the REAL GEMS among them??
    Me too I read alot about promising Chinese brands here but most of reviews or impressions are from replies somewhere in the millions of posts that we can find on headfi. As there will be surely more than an hundred of IEM at less than 30$ that will be in this list, we can include a special MUST HAVE section, like, SUPREME bang for the buck under 100$.
    I mean, taking for example the Plextone x46M that doesn't sound ultimately good and have a somewhat cavernous sound but have big soundstage and no distortion whatever you put in them, the fact that they can be found for less than 8$ put the relativity of price value very high in the balance and I will consider a price of 40$ reasonable for this kind of product. I want this list to be usefull for music enthusiast that search super good value earphones too and aren't overwhelmed collector like us...
    Can we possibly conclude that a 80$ earphone gem can sound like 300$ earphones?  Hum....what about a section of 30 to 60$ ultimate gems that will be more selective. Like a 3 drivers earphones  that sound very good at less than 60$ that will be something just the Chinese market can make.
    Not so long ago it was really hard to find dual drivers earphones at less than 100$, it was the JVC HA-FXT90 and that's about it, now we can find equal or better sounding one at less than 30$ (VJJB V1, KZ ZN1), THAT'S a miracle for audiophile on budget.
    So, let's find more MIRACLES!
    And I will update my first post with more discoveries as time goes.
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  5. Nymphonomaniac
    In not that long I will receive orders of 10 different sub-60$ earphones and include new impressions here. As well as I will have to find all the praised chinese gems that I see on Headfi and put them in the list.
    Anybody have heard the KZ HDS2 (10$) that look like the clone of 150$ Yamaha EPH-100? Will receive them soon I hope and compare them to the EPH-100 that I own and feel it do not worth 150$ even if the sound is really revealing. If it happen that the HDS2 can compete with them, well, my quest will became even more obsessive!
    The HDS2 I bought:
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  6. Sylmar
    Very interesting thread as there are some IEM's in this category that I am considering. Amongst them the Sendiy M2 and the HLSX 808. Still haven't made my mind which one to go for. 
  7. Nymphonomaniac
    Yeah I read about them too and was I finaly bought them 2 weeks ago, still waiting but will write fast impressions as soon as heard them a little[​IMG]
    For now, i'm still thinking about the list and need to be somekind of headfier chinese earphones detective for more time.
    Some aliexpress of happy consumer review for the SENDIY M2:
    ''The product is AMAZING! No other way to put it. I personally like the silver nozzles as I am a bit of a bass head. While these must be "V" shaped, it is not apparent at all! I hear every nuance in the music as I hear with my TF10's (no kidding). These are a winner, an absolute winner! I am speechless so, I will leave it there.''
    ''Using it with silver sound filter - and changed eartips to Sony Hybrids. Actually each eartips with wide bore will be good. And you will get in this case great highs - crisp, but without sibilance, outstanding details, fool mids. Bass - just great!''
    I heard about the HLSX 808 after my big buying.
    The ones that own them ADORE it...and they are avid collector with alot of different earphones.
    Will include both in the list!
  8. robervaul
    ------SPECIAL SECTION Must Have Sub-100$ ULTIMATE value-----
    -HlSX 808:
    -Shozy Zero
    -PMV A-01
    The list doesn't stop growing.[​IMG]
  9. Nymphonomaniac
    Ya right, and it's just the beginning!
    Viva China earphona!
    Can you put a little condensed descriptions for all the earphones you suggest?
    Just to have an idea of their sounds...TK got looooooooot of praise, look like the holy grail of earphones!
    Hum, and what your favorite sub-30$ chinese earphone if I may ask too?
  10. SuperLuigi
    Cool thread!
  11. 1clearhead
    Good idea! Lets' see where it goes!  [​IMG]
  12. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Nymphono, HOLD off on purchasing that ER580. I have Both the VJJB V1 and the ER 580 and they are fairly similar. Good Sounding but not Stellar. Once I get settled in My new job, (within a couple weeks),  PM me Your address and I will send you a pair of ER580.
    Your Welcome. [​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  13. cingcut
    great thread. thanks!
    really help for newbie (like me) :D

    ps : my 1st post :D

    Sent from my GT-I9500 using Tapatalk
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  14. HiFiChris Contributor
    I'd definitely add the Fostex TE-02 to that list - quite neutral, with high resolution, really quick and arid bass response and usually between $15 and 30.
  15. mochill
    Shozy zero
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