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Best Smartphone for audiophile Part II (Updated: Mar 2019)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by artpiggo, Jun 19, 2017.
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  1. oliwek2
    About LG : as kutulu32 wrote, mainboard problems (chips badly soldered) are over : this still impacted V10 (and G3 to G5), but not V20, and not V30. Maybe their service is so so, but if you don't buy the last model (now V40), you can find extremely attractive prices, so you have to make a choice.
    My V20 is still 100% reliable (not my V10 though).
  2. AlisGelida
    Note 9 has a nice dynamic and 3D, energic sound. Output power is not even comparable tho, V30 destroys Note if you need to drive power-hungry cans. On the other hand Galaxy S9 has slightly more volume although a bit less clearer sound.
  3. ljnew
    Outside of output power, how does sound quality compare to v30 in your opinion?
  4. henrywil
    Can someone here confirm whether Meizu Pro 5 support AptX for Bluetooth. What AptX BT headset/receiver you used for that. What is the version of Flyme OS?
    Soomal have special BT review for Meizu Pro 5 that claims it supportAptX by the look of the measured audio signal. It's on November 2015, just one month after release date of Pro 5, so it should be early firmwares.
  5. AlisGelida
    As I said before, I found Note 9 more spacious and dynamic, mostly on really deep bases, giving 'em a little boost, but not that much to degrade overall clarity. However V30 excels in details, probably because of that V or U shaped signature (depending on the DAC filter you're using); I'd say V30 has "vertical" space, while Note 9 is more for an "horizontal" one. If you don't mean to trigger the amplifier in High Gain, it's definitely a matter of tastes... but, if you trigger the amplifier on V30 and pairing it again against Note 9 at same dB levels you can easily notice how V30 gained dynamism on frequency response thanks to the "color" given from the amplifier, and a more pronounced V shaped feel.

    Keep in mind I've tried the Exynos variant, so music performance may vary 'cause of different hardware localization. If you live in Europe then you'll hear those performance.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2018
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  6. fabrusso80
    Finally, I take the risk and yesterday night I give the online order for V30+ (with 128Gb) here in Turkey we don't have V30 (64Gb). I trust to LG. We will see.... Now it's time for Spotify or Tidal and some other software for using all the features of the phone and F9Pro.
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  7. bencherian
    Don't worry. You got yourself a good handset. Just make sure your phone is recently manufactured as older V30 had screen issues. Motherboard and bootloop issues were stopped right from G5. Using G6 here by my brother, passed one year. He is satisfied. For the price you get better built and better camera and by far superior audio from LG. Only con i saw is very very slow os updates. LG G6 got oreo update only this August when companies started working and releasing beta for android pie. Brother got no problem of updates. Os speed has improved in G6 . Am kinda phone nerd so can't wait like a life time for updates so sold my G6 but i miss the audio and camera and excellent presence in hand feel of G6
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
  8. fabrusso80
    How can be sure that is a new V30+?

    I'm sorry for lost of G6....
  9. bencherian
    You can see the manufacturing date on the box of V30. I actually sold my G6 only due to that Os. Not any other defects. I gave it my friend and he is also super happy like my brother who doesnt care software updates as far as nothing problematic with the os. You know the way Oxygen and Miui os are giving updates . Fixing one thing and breaking two things so that in next update they cam fix that:beyersmile:
  10. fabrusso80
    I contact to the seller and they say that it's manufactured on 2017... Could be any problem?
  11. 9611838416m
    Never mind, got my answer.. Guess I might buy the ibasso x200 after getting my xplay6
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2018
  12. vladstef
    Got a Nokia 8 yesterday and I am positively surprised. Enough power to drive IEMs without issues but it has a much better quality of sound compared to other 'regular' phones that I've tried (Galaxies, LG G3, Xperia XZ, Xiaomis and Huaweis). I don't feel like I am missing anything compared to what I had with V20, except the ability to drive more power hungry headphones. I am quite surprised to see such a budget friendly phone go under the radar here.
  13. fabrusso80
    I'm happy to see that. But in Turkey there is no Nokia service but service that are authorized by Nokia. So it can be different within a year or maybe 1 month who knows. The copper color was my choise but the price was more or less the same as v30+ and finally I choose the LG (I choose mainley LG for, 128Gb vs 64Gb and Radio YES vs No).
    But If I had chosen the steel color then maybe today I could have a Nokia. So I think it's a good choise for the price/quality :thumbsup:
  14. dadme
    It has AptX support on firmware version lower then Flyme 6. Android 5.1 and Flyme 5. APtX is easy to find in logcat after root-ing phone. I sell my Por 5 two mounts ago, so i know what i say. I got working AptX even on Flyme 6 and 7 installing manually libraries on system.
  15. artpiggo

    Vivo nex s got ldac on lateat update.
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