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Best Smartphone for audiophile Part II (Updated: Jan 2020)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by artpiggo, Jun 19, 2017.
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  1. artpiggo

    Then I suggest meizu pro7.

    You need any recommendation on earphone and headphone? I can help you choose too.
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  2. gazzington
    Id be interested to hear what you recommend
  3. gazzington
    Also, matter of interest is the v30 still the best I can get?
  4. artpiggo
    Just tell me your budget.
  5. artpiggo
    Yes. Lg v30 is quite top audio phone. Now the price is tempting too.
  6. gazzington
    £400 ish
  7. artpiggo
    Ibasso sr1
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  8. GermanDrifter97
    Hey guys,

    I currently have a Meizu Pro 5 (make that two, but the first one has a fried audio jack), but it slowly becomes unusable. The battery gets worse, it has some charging problems, loses 40% over night even though it's plugged in the whole time, the OS becomes laggy and unresponsive etc. I mean, this thing is nearly 4 years old now, and I already bought it used, so maybe it is the right time to upgrade.

    What audiophile smartphone could you guys recommend me? The most important part for me is a big display (not smaller than 6"), maybe a good camera with slow-motion video capabilities, a big battery for long screen-on-times, and of course the audio quality. Budget might be around 300-450€ maximum.

    I could get a good deal on a Note 9, and kinda fell in love with this phone. According to https://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_note9-review-1805p3.php this might be a nearly perfect phone for audiophiles, but during my quick look-around, I couldn't find anything in this thread about the Note 9, or I didn't look hard enough.

    Can you guys recommend the Note 9? Should I wait for the S10 release? Or are there other, better, cheaper alternatives already around?

    Thank you very much in advance
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2019
  9. artpiggo
    Consider LG V30+ maybe
  10. GermanDrifter97
    The V30+ looks nice, it doesn't have a notch. But performance and camera wise it is a bit worse than what I am looking for. Is the audio-output of the V30 suitable for 80 Ohms headphones?
  11. artpiggo
    Suitable. It has high gain mode.

    Camera, you can install gcam for better performance
  12. GermanDrifter97
    Ok, I see. Do you have any experience with the Note 9? Can you compare these two phones? I'm just asking because I could get the Samsung phone for around 220€ (together with a new data plan) and the V30 still costs ~390€ here, which hurts my bank account a bit more.

    Oh and BTW, thanks for the quick answers, I honestly didn't expect a response so immediate :)
  13. artpiggo
    For note9 , you really need to buy ES100 bluetooth dac to come up with LG v30 level
  14. GermanDrifter97
    Even with the Exynos model? I read that it has superior output compared to the Snapdragon model
  15. civciv
    Note9 Exynos model's audio quality is on par with Fiio BTR3 (when using LDAC) IMO. Output is a bit low of course. (~1V, I guess)

    But if you connect an headphone amp (I use Fiio K11/A3) to Note9's output, the result is superb.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2019
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