Best setup for a trucker?
Jun 24, 2014 at 1:25 AM Post #16 of 16
I sure wish there was a place where I could test a whole range of headphones and pick them out that way instead of just reading reviews or watching videos on them. Its just not the same as hearing it myself. From what I read on my hd8 dj I thought it was going to be like my friends beats pros but with slightly more mid and treble but its miles ahead in every way. Same story with the sony mdrx10 I was given, doesnt sound as bad to me as people were saying but maybe my ears aren't as trained or sensative as some people on here (I have some ear drum damage in my right ear from trauma when I was young so at certain frequencies at certain db 100+ in most cases, it all sounds like liquid rushing in my ear usually its at its worst when I am in a stadium of people cheering or a 2 stroke engine at high rpm) but anyways I am trying to find the best of all worlds. Maybe thats not possible yet or its out of my current price range. I just want to have an enjoyable listening experience for several years if not a decade or 2 without having 4 or 5 sets of headphones I have to keep constantly switch between

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