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Best in ear headphones for bass??

  1. sulkoudai
    Hi, this is my first thread on Head Fi

    And I was looking for best in ear headphones with thumping bass.

    Right now I have Bose IE (no, didn't buy it my self, my cousin did), v moda vibe (which I bought for 20 bucks on EBay) and soundmagic pl30

    I am willing to spend about 80 bucks on it. Well...my mom said nothing over 110 AUD.

    EDIT. I found the Vmoda Vibe ii on eBay for about 44AUD from a trusted seller, is it worth it??
  2. albau
    How you want your bass served? The more the merrier so everything drowns in it or there's also some concern about bass quality like texture, extension, etc? What about other aspects of sound like highs, mids, soudstage, overall balance? What music type you listen to?
    But anyways here are few well regarded bassy phones under $100 USD all of which I owned or sampled - Klipsch s4, Monster Turbine, Panasonic HJE-900. Latter in my opinion is a gem, albeit a rough one. I'm still debating whether to keep it or Monster Turbine Gold which is twice the price.
  3. sulkoudai


    I listen to techno and hiphop.

    And I do care about the mids and highs but not as much as the bass.
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  4. grayhatethic
    Your best be is going to be the visang r03/ brainwavz m2 they're the best bang for your buck in bass. $60 at mp4nation.net $50 at lendmeurears.com
  5. subxero


    get the hippo VB for $79
    i love mine, i have the bose ie2 too, i like the hippo better in terms of bass
    i listen to trance and rap mostly and these IEM's do a great job for it
  6. DebianUser
    Pure Sound Pur-1000 $40 @ Costco
    Edit: Hmmm... didn't see you were in Australia. Not sure if or where you can get them there. Disregard this post.
  7. sulkoudai


    Thanks for the reply. But do they have good isolation?? Because good isolation is very important to me.
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  8. subxero


     i would give it a 4/5
    it's really good even when no music is on, if it's in your ears noise is blocked out, and once you start playing your songs you can't hear anything else.
  9. idvsego
    I have the VB and they have reasonably good isolation.  Joker reviewed them in his epic thread...
  10. sulkoudai


    Hey thanks for the link, where can I get the hippo??

    Can't find on eBay.
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  11. subxero


    jabens shipping is amazing, I live in Canada and i received my order after 36 hours.
  12. idvsego
    Jaben for sure.  they treat you right.  They had a production shortage for a little bit and they sent me a set of Hippo Grooves overnight to get me by until the VBs came back in.  Then when they finally came in and I opened my VBs I had a set of Hippo 10EBs in there as well.  When the dust settled I had 3 pair of Hippo IEMs for the original $79 price.  A few others confirmed they received the same treatment.  Now I am not saying you are going to get extra headphones, but I am saying Jaben does right by its customers.
  13. sulkoudai

    So should I just get the VB?? or are there any thing else I should consider??
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  14. sulkoudai

    I've just read a review about the Crossroad Bijou 3 and according to the reviewer and I'm quoting "If you are a bass-head, you will love them, they make an awesome BOOM affect..."

    Who do they compare to the hippo vb??
  15. idvsego
    link to the review?  I havent heard of them

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