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Best headphones for home use under 50$

  1. sandrosm
    Hello everybody, it's my first time posting in this forum.

    I'm looking for the best headphones I can buy for under 50$ to replace my broken HD 202s. I'll mostly use them to listen to music (classic rock mostly but also classical and pop) and movies on my desktop or laptop and I'm a bit of a bass head although i don't like the mids and highs sacrificed too much. What do you guys think is the best pair I can buy for that kind of price since I'm still a student and I don't have an amp?

    Thank you so much for your help.
  2. thatBeatsguy
    Hey sandrosm,
         I think the Sennheiser HD205 will work very well for your current situation. They're pretty cheap, are pretty durable, and have a nice, balanced sound which doesn't sacrifice too much mids or highs. The bass isn't too much, either. If you want more bass, though, I think the JVC HA-S500 is a great choice. The Sony MDR-V6 is also another good choice. At under $50, there are a huge load of competitors around. If IEMs are more your speed, the Xiaomi Pistons are one of the best choices.
    Hope this helps,
    -- thatBeatsguy
  3. Me x3
    I've read good things about JVC HA-S500. I've tried HD205 long time ago and I didn't like them, that time I preferred the AKG K44.
    Maybe you could find a pair of refurbished Logitech UE6000 with warranty in your budget. You could read about them here:
    Best Luck!
  4. ashadeofgrey
    +1 for the jvc ha-s500. They seem to get better and better. It is not a very long cord but I use mine at work and it's just enough to plug into the front Jack of my pc and get around my keyboard. I like them better than my sennheiser hd518 for movies. inception on these is just amazing
  5. xkonfuzed
    Another vote for the JVC HA S500.
  6. TrollDragon
    +1 on the HA-S500's as well.
  7. YBG613
  8. darkdoorway
    If you could stretch that budget by 20 dollars you won't get better than the takstar pro 80 at amazon at the moment. Maybe cheaper other places.
  9. khanis
    I upgraded from the HD201's (similar to the 202's) to the JVC HA RX700 and it was a perfect upgrade. Amazing sound quality for the price. I routinely prefer it to a lot of more expensive headphones that my friends have. The bass presence is outstanding and the mids come through very clear. Does not need amping. I firmly believe they are the best headphones for under $50.
    Check out these threads:
  10. Sadkmf
    Get a pair of Creative Aurvana Live..It's about 75 dollars though..
  11. sandrosm
    Sorry guys. I was without an internet connection at home because of contratual issues with the provider.
    I tried those Philips SHL3300 and I think their sound was really good with good balance and everything else. I will try those JVC ha-s500 also since everyone seems to like them and then let my hears decide wich pair I'll get. Thanks for your help, everyone :wink:

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