Best 'closed' phones for $200 or less for work
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Jan 9, 2008
I recently bought a pair of Sennheiser HD 595's and I love the sound of them. However, they leak more sound than I thought they would and aren't suitable for my work. I was wondering what was the best sound quality I can get without the music leaking for $200 or less. I would like something that is not too big that wouldn't look funny when I am doing work at my job. Sound quality is more important to me than comfort. I mostly listen to music like R&B and Pop. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you
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IEMs all the way for work. I would give a heart-felt recommendation for the Etymotic ER-4S.
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The A900s are massive and non-audiophiles might think they look weird. I reckon the Beyer DT-250s are very good and look OK too. Go with the 80 Ohm version if you don't have an amp.
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Beyer DT 250-80's
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Senn HD 25-1


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Beyer DT 250-80's

Gotta go with these two as my top picks as well.


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IEMs all the way for work. I would give a heart-felt recommendation for the Etymotic ER-4S.

As much as I love my ER4's, IEMs are just not practical if you have to remove them with any frequency at all.
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I can't believe!

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I have used A900's at work, and once everybody got used to them, it wasn't an issue. I would recommend them. The HD25-1's have better SQ but are nowhere near as comfortable as the A900's if used for an extended period. I have never heard the DT250's but have tried a pair on. They are also quite comfortable and more discreet that the A900's!


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