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Best choice? JVC HA-FTX90 or Shure SE215 or Brainwavz B2 or Klipsch Image S4 - all $100 at my local stores

  1. huego
    Hello everyone,
    I am new to Head-Fi but it seems everyone here knows a lot about music, headphones, and sound quality, so I thought this would be the perfect place to ask my question. 
    There are some $100 in ear headphones I have been looking in to at my local stores, all of them are $100 on the dot except for the Klipsch Image S4 which are $70 right now. 
    Anyways, I listen to all types of music. I am not looking for any certain quality in particular but I just want to know everyones opinions on "bang for your buck" good sound quality headphones. There are two things I find the most important: sound quality and fit. I plan on using them for walking, cycling, and at the gym. I don't care for the "sport" headphones out there as I find price goes up and sound quality goes down. I just need something that doesn't seem to come loose every 5 minutes. So I would probably prefer an over the ear design unless the sound quality really suffers, then I would just want a good fit. 
    I do like my bass but I feel its important to say that I don't just listen to hip hop, and electronic music, in fact these music genres are probably my least favorite. I listen to rock, indie, alternative, raggae, some hip hop, and some electronic. I like something that has punchy bass without losing quality in the other frequencies. 
    Another quality I like in a headphone is a "spacious" sound. I don't know if that is the right word, but I like headphones that sound 3 dimensional and feel like the drummer is over there and the guitarist is over that way and the singer is in front of me, etc. Not sure if that makes sense. 
    I don't want to order online and so I have decided to keep my choices to the ear phones at my local stores, which are the JVC HA-FXT90 ($100 right now), Shure SE215 ($100), Brainwavz B2 ($100) or the Klipsch Image S4 ($70 right now). 
    Please let me know what your opinions are! Thanks!
  2. DenonFnatic
    Hi huego
    I would recommend the JVC/Brainwavz > SE215 > Klipsch. The bass on the Shures for me is too overpowering but the fit/isolation/build quality are all very solid, then again this is coming from a person who uses the Westone 2's. The Brainwavz are a bit more balanced and will probably be the best value of the four but the JVC will be the "funnest" out of them. I have not heard the Klipsch myself but I've read it's decent but not great.
    Hope this helps

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