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Best Budget IEM (Under $300)

  1. kukkurovaca
    Looking at Crinacles graphs, the IT01 has more subbass? The IT01s, on the other hand, is more similar to the Oxygen. (In frequency response, there are of course other aspects of performance.)

    The super-cheap Blon BL03 is reported by many to be very close to the Oxygen, so that might be a good place to start before comitting to the higher price point of the Oxygen?
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  2. Simplesam82
    Awesome thanks, I’ll try the blons for giggles. The drop headphones? Doesn’t seem the drop site has in stock, are they hard to get a hold off?
  3. kukkurovaca
    FDX1 are not out yet, and the initial preorder window is closed. I think they're supposed to ship in December. Some units will probably hit the secondary market at that time as people get them, don't like them, and resell them. Drop may also have new units available at that time as well, or there may be a delay for a second production batch.
  4. Simplesam82
    Are there any comparisons of the drop + jvcs with the audiosense t800s? How would a single DD compare to the 8 BA knowles drivers? Gimmick?
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  5. surfgeorge
    @Merkurio I think you own both these IEMs, can you share your experiences?
  6. Merkurio
    I had both, but in different periods of time (I ended up selling the T800 to a relative not too long ago).

    Speaking from memory, both are excellent from a technical standpoint, but I would giving the edge to the T800 because a more noticeable imaging capabilities, detail and resolution due the multi-BA configuration.

    However, the FD01 is not far behind and thanks to the nature of the dynamic driver, the listening experience is considerably more natural and organic (especially after the james444 mod).

    Both share a similar stock signature with great extension at both ends, nice soundstage, great impact and rumble in the lows (something amazing for the pure BA nature of the T800) and a little hot upper-mid and high treble registers.

    Quality wise, both offer great materials and solid build, but the JVCs definitely feel more sturdier and durable thanks to the stainless steel housings.

    Another worth mentioning point is the driveability, being the T800s absolutely source picking and the FD01s much more forgivable with the source, giving the impedance response of both.

    I think both are excellent options (perhaps the best exponents below 300 USD), so in the end it’s about choosing your favorite flavor, BA or DD.
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  7. surfgeorge
    Thanks for that excellent summary!
    Sums it up nicely and matches my experience with the modded FD02.
    Smooth and clear, very good low end extension and a silky smooth, extended treble.
    I love the way it conveys the emotions of vocals.

    But one day I'll get a BA IEM for those days I want to max out resolution.
    Likely the Sony IER-M9, I loved that one when I tested it.
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  8. kingcro
    What about EX800ST vs. AudioSense T800?
  9. surfgeorge
    You guys really made me look into the T800 and luckily I found a quick take on Toranku's thread.

    I have a lot of faith in his straight and open feedback on IEMs, and I am very thankful for his very direct and often critical judgement.
    It's really hard to find any negative reviews on the hype products, so those are especially valuable.

    That takes the T800 off the list for me and maybe I'll save up for the M9.
  10. baskingshark
    Well the Audiosense T800 is a fraction of the price of the stuff Toranku is comparing it with, so you have to take that in context, though that speaks quite a lot about the T800 to be considered in the same price bracket as some of the more expensive stuff.
    T800's not perfect by any means, it has a slightly harsh treble, which may not be the best for treble sensitive folks. And it's tuning is not as refined as some TOTL stuff. Though I consider it endgame for me for BA/hybrid IEMs, and I've not bought any other BA/hybrids since getting the T800.

    I have auditioned some IEMs that are $1000 - 2500 USD and the T800 is honestly not too far away from some of these TOTL IEMs in the area of details/clarity/instrument separation/imaging. IMHO, the T800 can hit about 80% sound quality of the QDC Anole VX, and some others in the Audiosense thread claim the T800 can hit 80 - 90% sound quality of the CA Andromedas (though I can't verify the latter statement as I've not listened to the Andromedas before). But definitely VX has a more refined tuning with no peaks/troughs and better/faster bass quality, and it has tuning switches to boot.

    I definitely think TOTL stuff like the M9 u are aiming for and the QDC Anole VX are better, though I probably won't be able to afford these in my lifetime. Hence, for some of us that can't afford the more expensive stuff, we have to go for price to performance ratio. Though sets like the T800 have some areas that are lacking slightly, we have to make do as I don't have the cash to chase the remaining 20% sound and refined tuning for hundreds if not thousands of dollars more.
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  11. adcustom
    Going off your designed sound signature and the type of music you listen to, I'd say without a doubt get the oBravo Cupid.
  12. eclein
    Hey folks I just saw this thread and in my time with IEMS multiple BA’s,Dynamic and Hybrids the Audiosense T800 is the best I’ve heard under $300. I’m 61 and played drums since I was 10, lots and lots of different kinds of headphones over my years but these T800’s are flat out the best. You can hear so deep into the music.
    I’m into fusion jazz, electronic, trance, ambient and bands like Shpongle, Metheny, Sundial Aeon, Spatialize, Steely Dan, Beck, it all sounds exquisite with these T800’s!
    Eight Knowles balanced armature drivers in each ear tuned to near perfection for $298.....its no gimmick!
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