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Best bass IEM for under $200

  1. hi-fi amateur
    Hello everybody, I've recently bought the GR07 MK2 and love it. But I'm yearning for something with more bass to compliment the MK2, I bought the BE version hoping it would satisfy my needs but I find it lacks impact or thump. Guess you could say I've been spoiled by bass heavy earphones. I used to own the Klipsch S4 and Senn CX300. Basically I want something with heavy impact. I've heard the JVC fxz200 have killer bass but I believe its over $200. By the way, what is the difference between sub-bass and mid-bass; I have been perusing these forums lately and have come across these terms but am clueless to what they mean. Any advice would be well appreciated.
  2. Raster
  3. Snyper0012
  4. Kaician
    CKS1000 seconded.
    Went to the store and tried it against all the iems on display.
    Moth-balled my CKS99i and insta-bought the CKS1000.
    i liked it more than the JVCs and some units on display costing $500.
  5. Nintendam
    which JVC's? the fxz's? I'm still enjoying my 200's but seem to be reaching for my ex1000's more lately... I've been eyeing the CKS1k's as an 'upgrade' the past few weeks. Debating between those and the ASG-2's, the latter certainly costs more but I think it'll be more of a definitive upgrade.
  6. Kaician
    Yeah, that line. 
    I believe there are two models?
    Funny thing is I went to the store not planning to buy anuything and fell in love with the CKS1000.
    I tried the two JVC iems but wasn't enthralled with the sound and liked the CKS MUCH more.
    I didn't even know about the fxz till coming home and reading people's glowing reviews on head-fi.
    I had buyer's remorse even after blind a-b'ing them in the store.
    But in the end I trust my ears and am happy with my choice.
    After burn-in, they still stun me sometimes.
    Definitely going to be my main phones till I can get a custom.

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