Best antivirus for Windows 7?
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Other secondary products I have used: Free and paid versions of Keystroke Encryption programs.Nice. HitmanPro 3,installs onto a USB key and Kickstart module foils malware that holds your computer for ransom.

Press Ctrl on keyboard while starting the program and it will stop any process that prevent installation of security programs.
The feature known as Kickstart has worked for myself a couple times on infected PC's.
Similar alternative to Malwarebytes.
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Firefox with NoScript. A dodgy web page can't hijack your computer if scripts can't run. Makes browsing a bit of a PITA, as you have to manually enable scripting for sites, but will pretty much stop zero-day attacks too.
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Comodo for the win.....
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I use Microsoft Security Essentials and it's fine. It's free, reasonably effective, reasonably efficient (lower impact on performance), updates in the background and never prompts me to buy more features that I don't need.
I do also run a firewall and flash/script blocking add-ons for Firefox and generally use common sense.
It's still possible to get infected (all scanners lag by days; all scanners leave some exploits open).
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I like this one:

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