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best amp for LCD-2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by tomusic, May 29, 2011.
  1. Tomusic
    what is the best amp+DAC+... setup for LCD-2?
    budget doesn't really matters...
    and please SUPPORT your answers
    I read an older thread about the about the same subject and people were giving like ten different answers
  2. Paganini Alfredo
    There's no "support" for anything other than your own opinion... whatever that may be and you're definitely not gonna get it by asking for other people's opinions.

    So to answer your question you've got two options; find ways to listen to other gear or make an educated guess here on the forums as to what you'd like and then it's trial by error after that.

    Good luck!
  3. LiqTenExp
  4. Ge03

    I think many would be really happy if there was a single answer to this!

    There is no such thing as perfection in audio reproduction, everything is a set of compromises.
    We all have differing ideas on which areas of reproduction give us the best illusion of the music. For some, any form of coloration is unacceptable, while others may accept some coloration to gain better speed and attack, on the basis that every venue applies it's own coloration to the sound. And so it goes on. Personally, I'm always looking for my system to recreate the 'air' and ambience around each instrument or performer for live music.

    Even once you've found a set-up you like, the synergy between elements has to be taken into account and your preferences can alter between recordings.. For example, my system has 8mtr runs of digital link between my V-Link and my DAC and I have both optical and coaxial cables connected as they have slightly different sound signatures, and while coaxial may sound better for many recordings, for some it's over bright and looses depth compared to the optical link.

    It's all part of the hobby really, there is no best, no right or wrong, just your ears and your music. You just need to make the time to listen to as much as you can.
  5. oqvist


    Lol get used to that. We all have our different setups, preferences and HRTF :D. Personally it´s either the Goldpoint Headphone Pro or a cheapass Yamaha RX-V440RDS which I run the LCD-2 out of the speaker outputs. Currently I am leaning towards the later but they are both extremely close to my idea of real life and neutrality.  LCD-2 never been so transparent and there is no hint of darkness with the speaker amp on this and my Audio GD REF9.
    No guaranteed success. I have another yamaha receiver the RX-V663 and that is all but neutral and also gave me excessive humming. I can see some getting very impressed by the bass that offers though. Also have the Trafomator Head One a tube amplifier and I can see some people finding that way superior to. But for maximum transparency with the LCD-2 solid states has been better for me so far.
  6. classakg


    True, my solid state (amp/dac) combo suits them perfectly. 
  7. Austin_J
    I'm really happy with my RudiStor RPX-33 fed by the Music Hall DAC 25.2. The DAC has a tube output on the single ended outputs, so you can try different tubes as well.
    I have the Burson headphone amp/DAC on the way, so I'll report on that in a few weeks.
  8. toads
    i have the burson ha-160d matched with the LCD-2s...
    acoustic nirvana...!!!
  9. Austin_J
    I've had the HA-160D for a few weeks - really love it with the LCD-2, especially when using the Musical Fidelity V-Link (just got that today - no going back after you've heard the difference). Considering the price is much less than the RudiStor and Music Hall DAC I use, it's a definite bargain...
  10. travisg
    Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA.
  11. Yoga

    Interesting. What kind of differences?
  12. ETAHL


    If you like the speaker output of a RX-V440 with the LCD-2, try something even cheaper. Try an ultra-cheap T-amp, something like this:  http://cgi.ebay.ca/SA-36A-TA2020-Tripath-Class-T-Digital-Amplifier-HiFi-B-/270766853440?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f0af64d40
    Cheaper might just be even better. [​IMG]

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