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Best Amp For Grado SR60i/80i/Alessandro MS1i?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jaycee1, May 15, 2013.
  1. jaycee1
    I have a fiio E6 right now, and I really enjoy it's synergy with my budget koss headphones. The E6 adds a bit of high end energy which is generally quite nice in conjunction with a dark headphone like the portapro's. 
    I'm looking for an amp that has really good synergy with entry level grado's like the 60s, 80's or with the alessandro. 
    I also wouldn't mind improving on the battery run time of the E6. :)
  2. DefQon
    I found almost any of the available portable amps to synergise really well with  the MS1i's. When I had mine I had them powered by a custom diy Cmoy using a AD8599 opamp and really liked it, same goes with the E11 (which I still have). Probably 3 amp's that stood out for me with the MS1i is the Pico amp, Graham Slee Voyager and the ALO Continental. 
  3. jaycee1
    I have the Fiio E6 and my experience is that this amp tends to bring out the treble quite a bit in most headphones. I'm wondering if a darker amp like CCBH is the way to go.

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