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Been away for a while...

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by audiotroll, Jan 12, 2011.
  1. AudioTroll
    But now I´m back..
    hello addiction!
    Reason is, my D2 died on me..:/
    need a new player,feel so naked whitout music..
    whats new? whats good?
    My "likes" of the D2 was.
    long batterylife, good output,Sd card and big internal memory,FLAC
    any suggestions ?
    I stay as far away from apple products I can, otherrwise I´m open.
  2. Confispect
    Another Cowon S9/J3 take your pick also the unimpressive D3 is out...
  3. AudioTroll
    looks like I´ll be trying out the J3 next.. :)
    thanx for the input.
  4. Confispect
    No prob one more thing the S9 runs cheaper so if you don't need the slot/speaker I would suggest the S9. Just weigh the two before you purchase. Or a cheaper J3 with a card if you have one lying around somewhere.
  5. AudioTroll
    half my music collection is on diffrent cards :p
    one card per genre :)
    I still had warranty on the D2 so I et a new one of equal value :D
    about 250 $ :)
  6. Danneq
    However, the J3 uses MicroSD cards instead of SD cards, so that means that you would have to buy new memory cards...
  7. AudioTroll
    Bummer :frowning2:
    I had such a nice system going,
    mix´n´blend on the player and a bunch of diffrent cards in the wallet in case I got hooked on a genre :)
    guess Í´m gonna spend some more money, welcome addiction! =D =/
  8. Confispect
    Sorry for your wallet [​IMG]
  9. AudioTroll
    well... I was satisfyed for over a year.. time to feed the economy again..hehe :p

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