Balanced cables for Senns and Audeze?

  1. ld100
    Where can I get reasonably priced quality balanced cables for Senns and Audeze? Any advise greatly appreciated.
  2. Rhamnetin
    Depends what you consider reasonably priced. I like Norne Audio cables.
  3. phthora
    To my wallet, "reasonably priced" means under $100. At that price, you have a few great options. Periapt, Venus Audio, Dyson, and Amplifier Surgery are the ones I would start with based upon my own experience. All excellent, but Dyson is usually the cheapest option and Periapt is usually the fastest. Which is best depends on what you find important. However, what I find important is quality of connectors, quality of soldering, microphonics, weight, and flexibility. In terms of those, Venus Audio makes the best cables in that price range.
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  4. KungFuNat
    Corpse Cable

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