Auzen X-Fi™ Forte 7.1
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Interested as well... The forte is cheaper than the prelude which make you wonder
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My HD-25 is terminated with a 6.3mm connection, due to the HD650 cable upgrade. I currently use a Grado 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter, and connect it into my onboard soundcard.

But lately I've been reading about crosstalk on the smaller 3.5mm connections. Is this something to be concerned with, and should I therefore go with the ASUS instead?

Also, by connecting this Grados adapter, am I detracting sound quality from my headphones?
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Hmpf well I was impatient and bought the thing anyway, should arrive on wednesday. I am not sure it will fit in my PC, but hopefully
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It´s a low profile PCI E card so if that doesn´t fit I wonder what will

Btw is there any drawback with PCI E Bus versus PCI bus for sound transfer?
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Yeah, but I have a custom cooler on my graphics card, with screws sticking out of it + going into the PCI express area. Also, it seems very long, and I will be lucky if I have 1mm to spare from my ram slots.
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Whoa, warning for anyone with the 680i motherboards, and who are wanting to use the top PCI express slot.

It doesn't fit! Well it covers the entire first ram slot, so I've had to take out my first ram in order to get it to fit.

Quite annoyed at that actually, as I will now have to buy some 4GB sticks in order to get back up to 8GB dual channel.
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Arg, things get worse. It is picking up the whine from my GPU when it is used during games. Really loud whining, even if I mute all sound, it's still there. Any suggestions? I will have to return it otherwise

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