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aune X1s Pro DAC/Headphone Amplifier: 32bit/768k DSD512, CLASS A

  1. auneaudio for music we design Stay updated on auneaudio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Aune-Audio-145864592691406/ https://twitter.com/auneaudio http://www.auneaudio.com/ sales@auneaudio.com
  2. Turn-It-Down
    aune also made new power supplies for the new DC powered dacs. (X8 and X1s pro) The XP2 and XP3.

    I do have one question, could I power an X1S pro and X7s with a single XP3?

    I had to get 2 XP1's to power my X1s and X7s. (older models)
  3. Condocondor
    What is the output impedance?
  4. meringo
    Wish I didn't buy the X8 :frowning2: PM me if you wanna make a deal. Has a defective pre-amp and noisy volume knob, but running to a headphone amp is just fine. Cost me far to much to ship back, so I ate the loss.
  5. Audio Addict Contributor

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