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  Why not just chuck your dsd onto a sd card and use the dap for native dsd?

That's one of the options, but I have a lot of music on HDD (in PCM) and it's inconvenient for me to upload it every time to an SD card) 
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Check the information of M2 music player ,it will be released  at the end of October , thanks !
Aune M2 32BIT/DSD Portable Player Coming Soon!
Superb reproduction of the original live event or original recording session
Comfortable for long listening sessions
Versatile with all genres
Your first choice!

ARM+CPLD as the core audio framework
The M2 uses native decoding & asynchronous clock technology from independent R&D. The kernel program took over a year. It’s all about the sound quality.
Five TI chips to constitute the whole power supply system
CPLD technology
The M2 uses high precision clock as the master device, and uses sampling pulse to force synchronizing the WAV data from ARM. ARM uses ping-pong buffer to process the data, and it’s guaranteed the I2S data won’t be interfered by operation or the micro SD card reading. Everything is based on high precision clocks, which leads to the extremely high fidelity!
Superb hardware design from experience accumulation
The main board is rationally quartered - equally divided into the power supply part, the digital part, the DAC part and the Amp part. The whole circuit uses high level water flowing type wiring; the analog part is mirror-symmetric; every port is in the closest position. 
Creative design of built-in Amp positive and negative power supply Class A
The Amp part occupies 1/4 of the PCB, which is quite a lot among all the portable players on the market. It uses the structure of the ultralow distortion Op Amp and 10 discrete transistors. The output uses NPN+PNP geminate transistors. The quiescent current at last stage of each transistor is 15MA. Ultra linear Class A biasing.

Transmission medium: Micro SD card (supports up to 128G)
Amp output: 3.5mm port/2VRMS  16-300Ω   32Ω/125MW
Line out: 3.5mm port
Core decoding chip: MCU AK4490
Digital output: MINI HDMI/supports (supports M2 exclusive dock)
Battery: 3200MA (charging takes around 4h)
Battery life: 7h
Main controls: volume control wheel (turn/press/press&hold)+buttons
Accessories: USB charging cable+user’s manual
Supported format:
WAV : 16bit|24bit|- 44.1K / 48K / 88.2K / 96K / 176.4K / 192K  (32BIT/96K)  WAV + CUE
FLAC : 16bit|24bit- 44.1K / 48K / 88.2K / 96K / 176.4K / 192K    CUE (0-8compression level)
APE:16BIT/44.1K   APE + CUE(basically NORMAL)
DSD:  DSF / DSD64 - DFF /DSD64  /ISO (whole track)
More product information please check :
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@AuneAudio Are the Crystek clocks used in the M2 Pro Femto clocks? Geek is another dap maker that is using Crystek clocks (as an optional upgrade) for their dap and they are charging $1300 for their dap, on top of that they are using the mini clock version, not the bigger clock used in M2 Pro which is more stable, no brainer to skip Geek and stick with Aune lol.
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Zen aren't IEM, avitron142. They're 300 Ohm earbuds on par with Senn's HD6X0 HP from those who own both. Please check ClieOS (and others') take on them before you judge their worthiness as a tool for audio chain testing. Zen are excellent. You really should hear them.

And yes, I'm testing with my HE400, as well. Although, as with B1, I'm not finding good synergy there. HE400 craves a warmer source.

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Zen aren't IEM, @avitron142. They're 300 Ohm earbuds on par with Senn's HD6X0 HP from those who own both. Please check @ClieOS (and others') take on them before you judge their worthiness as a tool for audio chain testing. Zen are excellent. You really should hear them.

And yes, I'm testing with my HE400, as well. Although, as with B1, I'm not finding good synergy there. HE400 craves a warmer source.


As far as I can tell, ClieOS strictly does measurements to review products other than IEM's. So I'm afraid he has a different method than both of ours. That said, I'm finding it very hard to believe that an earbud has the same soundstage/imaging/etc. than the HD 600/650 lot. While ClieOS did mention the Zen in his top 3 earbuds, he did not compare then to any open-backs. 
It's no secret that here on head-fi comparing IEM's/earbuds to over-ear headphones is a taboo subject, because SQ wise they simply don't hold up. The M50's for $100 are a whole lot better than the Westone W40 for $500, and so on. The upside of IEM's are, of course, their size and portability. Fitting an HD600 into a tiny one-inch enclosure is like 

But I haven't heard the Zen, so perhaps you're right. The B1 has fantastic synergy with the K7XX, though, so when you see a pair, try to audition them 
 I'll do the same with the Zen.
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Hey all you on this thread who are knowledgeable ab out the Aune products and M1/M2 and B1 -
I have the AKG K7XXs, and a newbie to HPs.
Bottom line is that I need a source + amp stack combo that is good enough to hold me over till I get a bigger budget for tubed amperage. 
In other words, I'd like a slightly warm sound or top end roll off to bring the highs in a bit. The upper frequencies do give me some fatigue with the K7XXs. 
Can anyone shed some light on how the AKGs (62 Ohms) might jive with the M1/M2 and the B1? 
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@nmatheis N5 or M2, which do you prefer SQ with the Zen to-date? have you auditioned or heard the Esther M1? very curious about the CS4398 it's using the same with those of AK players. these are so far my contenders for my next DAP coming from the Studio V3. Of course, the QP1R is still somewhere on the very top but those are way out of my budget. The QP1 is said to come out before October ends but not sure if I can still hold on as I'm very excited to hear my next music player - with the mighty VE Zen.

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@jrazmar: I haven't received the M2 for testing yet but hope to as soon as Aune is ready to release in North America! Cayin N5 tour logistics altered slightly, so I haven't received the N5 yet. I should have it soon, though. I'd throw the Shanling M2 in the fight, as well @jrazmar. Their M3 sounds quite good with Zen, although Aune B1 and X1S have a special synergy with Zen to my ears, so I have high hopes for their M2!
In fact, I'm hoping to have a DAP Battle Royale of sorts. I just might have Cayin N5, Fiio X3, X5, and X7, iBasso DX90, and Shanling M2 and M3 all in house at the same time 

I honestly don't know how I'm going compare all those DAPs, but I'm sure going to try 


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