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I think the only thing wrong with the M1 was the laggy and badly designed interface. I personally didn't hear it but someone told me the sound quality is very very good and it's the perfect DAP if you don't mind play-and-forget.
I hope they have improved on this aspect for the M2.
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not my hand
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  The Taobao listing was a pre-order, now we are just waiting for release, should be soon enough, some time this year.

Yes , right , should be October , at the end of this month , we will send samples for test  , so will be soon !

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  output impedance is 1ohm , i will send more information soon , as at the end of next month , we will send samples for review , thanks 

Thank you for the info. Could you tell us whether the USB DAC function is going to be implemented (either on the initial date of release or later)? 
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Aune never mentioned usb dac function, so prob not going to happen, I don't need a usb dac anyway as I have a NAD M51

Lucky you:) I would gladly use a DAP as a DAC, especially for native DSD playback 

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