Aune M1s Impressions & Discussion Thread (Aune's newest hi-res DAP with ESS9018KM + 2.5mm Balanced Out)
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Dec 30, 2013
Hi all,

I'll be getting the upcoming Aune M1s in for review in the near future and didn't see a thread for it yet, so I thought I'd open one and give you all some info on Aune's latest DAP. I'll add more info and impressions when I get the M1s in...

From Aune:

[COLOR=696969]"The M1s is the world’s first balanced portable DAP with pure native decoding. It comprises of an entirely in-house firmware that is dedicated to your enjoyment in the purest form, which has been perfected over the years with the success of M1, M2, M2 Pro and X5s. Unlike most common Linux-based digital-audio player solutions, Aune believes that a completely in-house developed firmware, written in C language, is the only way of ensuring the best sound quality from its very core. With their in-house ARM + CPLD architecture, and a rewritten DSP for the ESS 9012K2M chip, by bypassing the ASRC system - the M1s supports WAV, FLAC, APE, DSD and ISO up to 32bit/384k, along with DSD128 audio files with cue support in its purest form."[/COLOR]

From my man golov17:
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Any info on price?
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I instantly fell in love with the looks of this new DAP the first time I saw it.  Minimalistic approach, symmetrical buttons design, color and finish.  Now that more info about the specs is coming up, it's hard not to like this even pre-release.

- 2.5mm balanced output
- DSD128 native decoding
- multiple digital filters
- CNC construction
- price point (close to xDuoo X10 if it's around $175)
Anyone here has an idea how long the battery is supposed to last?


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