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Audirvana Plus 2.0

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by thaistylez, Sep 14, 2014.
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  1. DjBobby

    Difficult to say unless you have two versions side by side, but I had that exact feeling too. I was trying to search in the settings if there are some new changes which could affect the sound. Anyway it's too much work to go back and forth between the versions, I'll stick for now with A+3 in the hope for some updates.
  2. gwitzel
    Thank you for sharing. Yes, I indeed have both versions installed and switched back and forth. I also thought about A+3 updates and that they might improve the sound in the future. However, so far A+2 is my reference.
  3. axle_69
    Are you upsampling in A+ or sending the original bitrate to the DAC and letting the upsample to the megaburrito filter? If yes to the later would you say it is just because of the "improvement" in computer management?
  4. gwitzel
    I am not up-sampling, I am using A+ in integer mode 1 with everything additional switched of (up-sampling, filters, etc.). I did not mention that I use a Wyrd and an external USB to SPDIF converter (Singxer F1) before entering the Gumby. With USB direct I had the impression that the SQ was depending on the computer source (Mac Mini vs. MacBook Pro, use of the computer).
    Now I think the Singxer F1 isolates the Gumby from those effects. I just started playing with real time filtering via Dirac Live (which uses additional CPU) and the results are very good.
    Mac Mini / flac -> Audirvana -> Dirac Live -> Wyrd -> Singxer F1 -> Gumby
  5. gwitzel
    Ok, now after some listening I am not convinced that Dirac Live helps my system. I think I still prefer A+2 over everything else.
  6. munce31
    Is anyone having issues with displaying the full view of an audiounit?
    I'm currently using DMG Audio Equilibrium and cannot see the menubar at the top.
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