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Audioquest JitterBug for the Dragonfly - USB Data & Power Noise Filter: does it work or is it snake oil?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by deafmutelame, Apr 23, 2018.
  1. deafmutelame

    USB Data & Power Noise Filter
    The Problem: All computing devices—laptops, smartphones, Network Attached Storage devices (NAS drives), media servers, etc.—inherently generate a significant amount of noise and parasitic resonances. Additionally, computers contribute a considerable amount of RFI and EMI pollution onto the signal paths—all of which can easily find its way onto your USB cables and into your audio system. This noise and interference has many negative effects. Noise-compromised digital circuitry increases jitter and packet errors, resulting in distortion that causes a comparatively flat and irritating sound. Noise-compromised analog circuitry also damages the sound’s depth,
warmth and resolution.

    The Solution: JitterBug’s dual-circuitry measurably reduces unwanted noise currents and parasitic resonances. It also reduces jitter and packet errors (in some cases, packet errors are completely eliminated).

    The Result: Clearer and more compelling sound, music, dialog, etc. A better audio experience."

    According to the reviews at https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/audioquest-jitterbug-usb-filter.20921/reviews it works.

    JitterBug thread: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/review-of-audioquest-jitterbug-usb-data-power-noise-filter.777003/

    My gut sense tells me the opposite... :confused:

    What do you think?
  2. bigshot
    A brilliant solution to a problem that doesn't exist!

    My dogs exude parasitic resonances, but I forgive them that.
  3. deafmutelame

  4. castleofargh Contributor
    I believe I talk for a majority in this section when I say we're not usually big fans of magic USB boxes.
    I'm personally of the opinion that if something that fits in this little crap(I have adapters bigger than this), has a consistent beneficial impact on fidelity, then all DAC manufacturers will have that implemented already for they're not all completely dumb.
    also again personally, when I see subjective impressions given to sell a USB component, my snake oil alarm goes off. I understand trying to appeal to audiophile by speaking their language, but to me it's a signal to stay away. I like technical stuff to be technical and gears improving fidelity to show measurements to demonstrate it. not flowery subjective lingo mixed with half an explanation about low pass filters. I guess I just hate audiophile marketing.
  5. sonitus mirus
  6. touramalli
    @amirm did another one with three different usb filters a few weeks ago:

    There is no mention to the AQ solution, but the modi 2 is a good DAC, for this sort of measurements.

    It would be interesting to see the ifi products too, they are one of the most popular in this community. Each one of them has a different technology (galvanic isolation, usb filters, usb cables...).
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
  7. amirm
    The Jitterbug is a highly useful device. They make great chew toys for dogs! See what mine did to it:

    Jitterbug 20150912_080101.jpg

    And this is him after the "hardware teardown:"

    Hachi afer AQ Jitter bug 20150912_080753.jpg

    Nice and relaxed.

    So don't let anyone tell you they do nothing. They do something!!! :D
    touramalli, NorCal and sonitus mirus like this.
  8. ev13wt
    OP, do you hear noise that needs filtering?
  9. colonelkernel8
    What a beautiful pup!
  10. Glmoneydawg
    I suspect their fur would take care of any resonances....maybe you expect hear them?
  11. Glmoneydawg
    Good boy:)
  12. bigshot
    At least that has something inside! The dongle I posted the tear down images of had nothing inside but a couple of wires and some foil wrapped around it.
  13. Glmoneydawg
    Hardly even a snack for fido
  14. deafmutelame

    I haven't got the Dragonfly neither, though I was considering its purchase.

    castleofargh said:

    "I'm personally of the opinion that if something that fits in this little crap(I have adapters bigger than this), has a consistent beneficial impact on fidelity, then all DAC manufacturers will have that implemented already for they're not all completely dumb."

  15. mjmax
    Interesting, I just received my jitterbug yesterday, tested it today, then found this thread. I am using it with the Dragonfly Red and my Sony XBA-N3 earbuds.
    Much as I found the Dragonfly Red was a huge improvement from the very first time I tested it, I think this time the jitterbug is only bringing a very subtle difference...
    After removing and adding it many times (wish it would have a switch for comparison!), I found out that the sound is a little bit warmer with the jitterbug, while slightly sharper with only the dragonfly.
    I am not sure yet about the noise it is filtering.. I will keep using it for some time and may find other differences.
    Honestly, I don't think it does nothing, but it is probably better to keep the money and invest in good headphones.

    This is one of the song in which I could notice a slight difference:

    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018

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