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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by lalala6, Oct 17, 2014.
  1. la1n

    Hi! Sorry, i tried to find any post regarding these mods you guys are talking about... Would you be so kind to share what you've done with the rest of the class? :wink:
    Greatly Appreciated! I myself is in dire need of a comfort mod...
  2. ModiHiFi
    The only thing that needs to be noted here is that it's important to let the modifications take some time so that your ears become accustomed to the change in sound. With the HM5 pads and fleece installed, the MSR7s in comparison will at first sound inferior (a little anaemic with extended soundstage and treble), BUT persevere with them, let your ears get accustomed to them. As an experiment, I went back to the original MSR7 pads and of course the sound signature changed, my ears became accustomed to them in a short period of time (five songs is all it took), and I was really enjoying the original ear pads again. They had a closer sound stage that homed in on the dynamic detail that the MSR7s are well known for. Then I changed back to my HM5 and fleece mods and again after about five songs the sound changed from the anaemic sound (when compared directly to the original MSR7s), to the wide soundstage with wholesome bass, detailed mid-range and sparkly treble that I simply adore and will keep for a very long time.

    I've tried a number of $500 to $1,000 headphones that I hoped to fall in love with, but nothing has replaced my modified MSR7s. The only exception might be the untried MSR7SE (based on a review from one of our members on this thread). I'm just trying to get the cash together to drop on a pair of these bad boys.
  3. honeybee123
    Okay this squeakiness is getting on my nerves, could anyone suggest the best type of lube, I could use to fix it, and where exactly should I apply it? (which lube base would be the best?)
  4. malifact
    I was going to buy the original MSR7 but I'm now thinking of paying the extra for the Special Edition. It seems the SE is slightly warmer (more bass), but do vocals (particularly female vocals) still sound the same? I listened to the original MSR7 a while ago and really liked how vocals sounded.
  5. headwhacker
    imo they sound the same just the se is slightly warmer. Still not for bassheads for sure.
  6. Rodmunch
    I used white lithium grease on all the joints and it worked very well. You do have to do a bit of disassembly though.
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  7. honeybee123
    Could you explain the disassembly part please.
  8. Rodmunch
    Sure. I'll do my best from memory.
    1. Start by removing the earpads. You have to slowly work around the earpad, pulling as you go.
    2. There are some screws that should be visible now. 4 of them need to be removed so you can pull the cup apart and get access to the earcup pivots. Careful with the wires. Add a bit of grease to those pivots and reassemble.
    3. That might take care of most of the creaking but if it doesn't then the 2 upper pivots need to be greased. Each side has 2 small screws above the pivot. Remove those and you should get access to these pivots. Add a bit of grease and reassemble.
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  9. honeybee123
    Thanks for the guide! I will do that and hope my problem will go away.
  10. mimmo69
    Hi all.
    I can confirm that there are still fake items.
    I bought one of this headphone last week, from and i received a clone.
    I thanks to who of you has explained the way to recognize it.
    Take care!
  11. killeraxemannic
    Got a pair of MSR7 GM from amazon a couple days ago! Immediately verified they were genuine based on the pictures of the drivers in the thread previously so thanks for that!

    Quick question... I read earlier in the thread someone saying the black and gun metal versions sound different? Is that true or was that incorrect information? The reason I ask is the black ones just went on sale on amazon for about $35 bucks less than what I paid for my GM ones a few days ago. Thinking about ordering them and sending the GM ones back but I want to make sure they sound the same.

    Second question, Do you guys know if the MSR7NC sound the same as the regular MSR7 and if they can be used without the NC on? I have a pair of Bose QC15 that are getting old and I like the standard MSR7's so much I am thinking about replacing the Bose with the MSR7NC. The thing I hate most about the bose is they don't work unless the NC is on. I want to make sure the MSR7NC still work as a regular headphone with it off and sound generally the same as my MSR7GM that I just received.
  12. mimmo69
    I done the same thing. I got the GM ones for 201 euros. Some days after, the black one goes in "amazon choice" for 175 euros instead 199 and i bought it. But it was fake.
    I don't see reasons for whitch sound could be different between the two versions, but i'm interested to know if it's so.
  13. killeraxemannic
    I just noticed that the black ones on amazon are from a 3rd party so I will probably stick with my GM ones that I got from Amazon for $169 that I know for sure are real as I inspected the drivers. The sound difference question I had is just from reading through the thread. There was someone many pages back that said that they tried the black ones in a store and then ordered the gun metal ones and they sounded different. I'm not sure how accurate of a test that is though. I wanted to find out if there was any truth to this or not. I guess its a possibility the ones they ordered could have been fakes too.
  14. mimmo69
    For my experience MSR7 need a long burn-in (about 100 oure or more). So it's difficult to talk about differences between two pairs, listened in two moments and two differents places. I can't believe to it.

    Me too I'll keep my GM :wink:
  15. Rodmunch
    I need to edit my instructions:
    3. That might take care of most of the creaking but if it doesn't then the 2 upper pivots need to be greased. Each side has 2 small screws below the pivot. Access to these appears to require the cups be removed so I would suggest doing this during step 2. Remove those and you should get access to these pivots. Add a bit of grease and reassemble.

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