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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by lalala6, Oct 17, 2014.
  1. tolis626
    Well, you're welcome. But I say don't bother. You don't even need to have MSR7 specific cables, let alone 165$ ones. I absolutely get wanting a nicer cable, I really do. I bought 2 simple 3.5mm aux cables from Amazon, both work wonderfully with the MSR7 (and they're gorgeous). I also bought a "headphone upgrade cable" from ebay for the Sony MDR-1A (had that on order and canceled when I got the MSR7) and the cable works just fine. It's even a nice 3m braided one with a screw-on 1/4" adapter (I could link that for you if you want). Most expensive one of those cables was 11$. Difference in sound? Exactly 0. It's still your decision, but I'd be disappointed if I shelled out that kind of cash for 0 improvement.
  2. GivenTheOkiDoke
    Im not actualy looking for an improvment. I am having microphonics when running out of my amp. So either the amp is the culprit which I think is not the case. The 1/4" adapter is ruled out. As well as the rca to 3.5mm cable I use as audio out. So I would like a 3.5mm (connecting into the phone) to a 1/4" connecting into amp as the 3.5mm right angle into the adapter is a bit snug coming from the amp between the table.

    I thought the jack that goes into the headphone was a bit different. I will do some searching for an MDR-1A cable then as well. I was also looking at a 3.5mm to 1/4" jack cable but finding that hard to find as the ones I am seeing are 10 ft or more and all the rest are just the screw on variety.
  3. wormcycle
    I understand how someone buying $3k headphone can get the idea that $200 or $400 cable may get them this last 3% of performance they are looking for. I had been there and can proudly say I abandoned it. But why do you want to test your amp connection with $165 cable is beyond me. Buy this use an adapter and check it out. It fits MSR7. And then sell MSR7 and fpr $350 find better headphone
  4. GivenTheOkiDoke
    I have a pair or Fostex 610's but I use my MSR7's mainly for gaming as I will not stick a mod mic on my pretty wood cups. As I stated before it is not about any improvments it is just about fixing a problem. I am looking for a 3.5mm to 1/4" cable. For ease of use I am not going to use an adapter. Weather it is a $100 headphone or a $2000 headphone if it is something that is used a lot as it has been, investing in an expensive cable (even though $180 is not even scratching the surface when it comes to cables) might seem silly but I have used my MSR7 for about 8 months exuastingly and I plan to have it for a long more time. Price with in reason is not much of an issue. I am still on the hunt for a cable but if I dont find one I will just buy or send in my headphonea for Moon Audio to hack. An for referance I have a few adapters and they all work so it is either the amp or the headphones. The amp works fine with others and the adapters do as well so that leaves only the cable or the headphones them self.
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  5. Cruxiaer
    Anyone bought the Special Edition?
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  6. ModiHiFi
    Yeah. I'm very interested in this one too. Anyone bought / listened to the Special Editions yet?
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  7. headwhacker
    image.jpg Managed to get one, will do a comparison with vanilla MSR7 later.
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  8. headwhacker
    Some more unboxing pix
    4 sets of cable with case
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  9. ModiHiFi
    Wow! They look great!

    I might just have to buy Moon Audio’s Blue Dragon so the cord matches up with these bad boys.

    I have a feeling these cans are gonna be good.
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  10. headwhacker
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    Pics with the black MSR7. I don't have my Gun Metal now. But you will get the idea of the physical differences.

    AT is listening to criticisms of the original. They removed the AT text on the cups and made the logo bigger. Only the Letters "L" and "R" on the headband instead of the complete Left/Right words. Overall, the SE just looks stunning.

    Subtle changes includes the space between the cup and the pad is a bit narrower. The headband cushion appears slightly thicker especially on the part which sit over the head. This results in a much comfortable fit. But the clamp pressure feel similar.

    As for sound difference, there are definitely obvious changes. The SE has a slightly more bass response (more of an oommph than thumm). The treble are also sound a bit more tamed, sharp edges on the notes polished. Overall, the result in a slight warmer less fatiguing version of MSR7. The SE also appears to have more depth and a touch more clarity which makes it sound thicker than the original which is very lean and flat.

    The SE is definitely a different headphone than the original.
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  11. Cruxiaer
    They also changed/improved the hinges, no more creeks!
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  12. headwhacker
    I never have those on 2 of my originals
  13. tolis626
    Great comparison mate! Thanks a bunch!

    Could you please test the regular MSR7 with the SE cable? Some people over the past couple of years have stated that they heard big improvements by going to better cables, and one of the changes going from the regular MSR7 to the SE is the upgraded cable. I highly doubt that it's gonna make any difference, but it wouldn't hurt to know since you have both. Thanks in advance!

    PS : I hate the color scheme on the SE. :)
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  14. tolis626
    Since I'm in the mood for questions, here goes.

    Is there anyone out there who has maybe tried using the WS1100is pads on the MSR7? They look glorious and are just a tad deeper than the MSR7's pads, so I'm thinking they wouldn't compromise on sound too much. If not, maybe I'll be a guinea pig at some point.

    Second, is there anyone here (I bet there is) that uses the MSR7 with a Schiit stack? How do they like the additional power? Do the Schiit products make a good pairing with the MSR7? Thinking of getting a Magni 3+Modi 2 Uber combo because as nice as the Fiio Q1 is, it's just a teeny tiny portable amp that can't drive harder to drive cans, and I'm eyeing something else to use at home. I have my scope on the Monolith M1060, Philips X2 (yeah, not hard to drive, but still), Sennheiser/Massdrop HD6xx, Hifiman/Massdrop HE4xx, Fostex T50rp MK3 and their mods, Philips SHP9500s and more. That's quite the list, but it'll probably depend on how I'm feeling on the day I order my next set of cans to keep the MSR7 company.

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  15. ModiHiFi
    OK. Here's my thoughts on your queries;

    1 New pads: Any new pads will change the sound signature of the headphones, how much it will affect it depends on the pads of course. Fingers crossed someone out there has tried the WS1000is pads and can give you their thoughts on them, otherwise it's guinea pig time!

    2 Schiit Stack: I have the Magni 3 and Modi 2 (with standard DAC) stack. Power is clean and plentiful. You can run them on low gain at around 12:00 to 1:00 or on high gain at around 9:00 to 10:00. The power of the Magni is more than enough and it is not a concern at all when paired with the MSR7. Does the Schiit stack make a good pairing with the MSR7? Yes. The sound quality is a step up from a PC onboard DAC / amp combo. To me the Schiit stack gives my set of modified MSR7 cans more texture, more bass extension and clarity, more silky / velvety highs. It makes the music you play more liquid sounding - it all sounds smoooooth with slightly more definition. It's not a HUGE jump up in sound quality - it's not night and day different. It gives more of a nuanced and well polished sound to your music. For approx. US$200 it's a no brainer. You might have to wait until the new year as Magni are backed up in orders big time.
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