Audio-Opus OPUS #11

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by hawaiibadboy, Aug 3, 2016.
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  1. jeffhawke
    That is certainly a major point. The reasons I keep considering the DACport HD are two, output power (which obviously directly influences battery drain), and the separate volume control. Also I could get the DACport HD with a 40% discount...
  2. jandr272
    Will a direct lightning to mini-USB work when connecting Opus 11 to an iPhone?
  3. s4tch
    bumping the thread with a quickie: this, or the xduoo xd-05? i prefer warmer sound signature, tight bass, i listen to rock, metal and jazz, and i'd pair the dac/amp with my android phone to drive my akg n40. any feedback is appreciated.
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  4. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Your pref's are dead on OPUS#11. Still my fave OPUS device yet :wink:
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  5. ebjarrell
    Interesting review. I have a less interesting question though. What is the case that you have for your Note?
  6. Paul Oorbeek
    I have an Oppo PM3 headphone and i just bought an second hand Ifi Nano IDSD how will the Audio Opus 11 compare with it soundwise? I will use both connected to my LG-V20 handphone.
  7. pinoyman
  8. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    It's a Note 4

    I can look for the item if you got a Note 4

    Love the #11 BTW. Paired with my Note 4 is better than 2 of the 3 OPUS DAPS IMO
  9. bencherian
    Just a question here. LG G6 quad dac has Ess sabre chipset using and that too in quad dac version. Ess sabre 9028 i guess. How does it sound fare against this Opus 11 dac connected phone let's just say iPhone dor example
  10. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    No idea. OPUS #11 is my 2nd favorite OPUS product only behind the #1 aluminum DAP.
    Love the #11 smooth yet detail rich sound
  11. bencherian
    I am using G6 now and planning to change the phone to Mate 10 maybe.. But the audio will be a huge let down in that compared to G6.
    Which portable dac should i use in order to get warmer sound... Ya i like warmer sound rather than brighter sound...
    Audioquest dragon fly Red and Opus #11 are currently in my list.
  12. peter123
    I've never heard the Dragonfly red but for phone usage I'd strongly recommend getting a dac with internal battery.
  13. bencherian
    Means opus 11# has internal battery. Have you got any other options ? I dono much about these dacs . Budget friendly also preferred around 250$ .
    Warm sound is what i like.

  14. peter123
    For phone usage the #11 is my favorite in that price range. It sports a very good combination of size, features, battery life and sound quality imo.
  15. bencherian
    I guess i have to drop the idea of Opus #11 because i need a bit warmer sound. I don't like sharp sounds . It triggers my headache.
    Can you suggest warm sounding dacs at same price point please?
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