Audio-Opus OPUS #11

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by hawaiibadboy, Aug 3, 2016.
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  1. peter123
    FWIW I've used it with a very wide variety of headphones and IEM's (as I'm sure that HBB has as well) and it tends to pair well with everything but particularly the HD700, SR325is and the HE400i imo. This is because those headphones (especially the two former ones) tends to perform their best (for me) with a warm and smooth source :wink:
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  2. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Sony EX1000, MA-900 mostly. Too many others to mention. The EX1000 are thought to be peaky to some so a clinical source with any bright traits would not pair well. The EX1000 and OPUS #11 pair very well.-
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  3. bencherian
    Thanks... Now am satisfied :) By the way which phone you using to pair with opus ?
  4. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I use a Note 4
  5. bencherian
    I have PMed you. Please check
  6. Quartex
    Good day - apologies for following up with yet another cabling questions, but when I read this thread start to finish, I didn't find an answer, I think.

    My question: Does anybody with a Samsung S8 or any other USB C plug phone has managed to successfully connect ? I tried all sorts of connection combos but none of them worked out.

    As to my understanding, there exists no USB c to Micro-USB OTG adapter / cable.

    Therefore my question whether any of you have successfully managed to connect ?

  7. bencherian
    usb2.jpg usb.jpg
    actually u need type c to pen drive otg cable or adaptor and micro usb to type a usb cable as in the pic shown below. Or they come with new model...who knows
  8. Quartex
    Thanks. I tried that combo. After your hint, I just verified whether the original Samsung adapter that shipped with the S8 supports OTG but it doesn't look like. At least now I know that I need to connect 2 adapters. Horrible, imho !
  9. Quartex
    HI - just closing my previous request with this update.

    I certainly apply for the title of Head-Fi's dumbest user ... but at least I learned a lesson :smile_phones:

    My cabling works (worked) flawlessly - I just didn't realise I had to plug in a headphone to make the Opus visible for UAP. Once I had done that, it was detected and worked. Stupid me.

    Regarding SQ: I do prefer this combo over the Beyerdynamic A200p (AK10 twin). Wider stage, more defined heights / brighter and more energetic. On top it plays 24/192 & DSD.

    I mainly used it with the Oppo PM-3 and the power is sufficient.

    When I use the Opus with the HE-560, I think it really reaches it's limit. But it's still ok.

    And then attaching the 846s, is turning out really great. What a slim & decent "to-go" option. (Ok, on the other hand, IMHO, the SQ advantage diminishes with every decibel of outer noise surrounding me. E.g. when being on the train, a lot of the "hifi" benefit over standard phone listening is absorbed by the noisy environment, unless I pump up the volume massively, which I avoid).

    How does the Opus perform against the Onkyo DP-X1 ? Difficult to judge - some additional testing required. I think I do prefer the X1 by a margin, but comparing the 2 different price tags, the Opus clearly wins the price-performance benchmark. Even though the "value" comparison between a DAC and a DAP certainly seems to be a strange thing to do...

    One more thing to try in the future: Attaching the Opus to the Arrow 5TX - which I think will be a superb combo (also for the HE-560), but let's see :)

    Thanks for reading.
  10. ebjarrell
    That absolute best response I've ever read. And.............I'm stealing it.
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  11. bencherian
    Did anybody tried Opus #11 with Ultrasone performance 820 headphones ?
  12. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    My attempt at explaining through visualization, the creamy playback of the #11 :)
    Another reason Head-Fi never gives me front page review space. :wink:
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  13. Jmop
    Hey @Hawaiibadboy have you tried this with iDevices? Thinking on getting it with the Touch, another review said only 5th or 6th gen will be compatible.
  14. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    If others say it's compatible it surely is. I am in the Android ghetto wilderness. I am happy there :)
  15. Jmop
    Haha good stuff. Appreciate the quick reply.
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