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Audio-gd USB-32 Firmware, Drivers, and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by petercraig, Nov 26, 2012.
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  1. conquerator2
    You're supposed to email audio-gd directly.
    They'll send you the firmware via email.
    They removed it because people were messing it up and bricking their devices...
  2. Luckbad
    Ah ha! Okay. I just need the correct driver for the Reference 5:
    So far it has failed to install.
    P.S. The answer is that the Ref 5 didn't need a driver. Windows installed the necessary driver.
  3. TheDuke990
    Does it makes sense to update to the latest firmware version and take a risk to shred the unit ?
    Is it really an improvement going from V1.22 to V2.0 ? My audio-gd unit is a 10.32.
    Thanks [​IMG] 
    Edit: done
  4. undersys
    You won't "Shred the unit", you may kill the flash where the F/W is stored.
    You can then just order a new f/w chip from Audio-gd.
    Your location may make the shipping not worth it :wink:
  5. TheDuke990
    Thanks but by using this expression "shred the unit" I meant kill the flash (BIOS) [​IMG]
  6. riffer
    I thought the correct term was "Brick" :)
  7. norrest
    What of TCXO in your`s USB Via 32 using? 
    In my dac TCXO upgrade 20MHz
  8. norrest
    Also, I hear clicks when switching streams DSD / PCM
  9. McNubbins
    I flashed my TCXO upgraded NFB-1(2014) to the v2 firmware. It became noticeably warmer in tonality and more detailed (more soundstage cues and other fine details).
    norrest, I'm not sure you're asking if the v2 firmware will solve your problem, but if you are, it likely won't. My NFB-1 still clicks switching between PCM and DSD or stopping and starting DSD manually. If it goes to the next DSD track in an album, there's no click. It's just how it is.
  10. DJINFERNO806
    Can someone on here PM me the firmware update tool or send it to my email?  I have tried emailing audio gd but I believe they are on Chinese New Year holiday and wont respond for a while.  Im having issues with my 15.32 in windows 10.  The sound cuts out after a few minutes of playing any audio stream.  Im hoping the new fw can fix these compatibility issues.
    Thank you in advance.
  11. Luckbad

    It could be different from what ours have, which is why they say to send your serial number to them.

    What Via chip do you have? If it's the same as mine I can forward the links to you.
  12. DJINFERNO806

    Hey thanks but I actually ended up getting a response from Kingwa with the link. I already updates the firmware and to the new drivers v2. Everything is good now except YouTube in chrome still stops playing with my 15.32 selected.

    Anyway I don't think they use different via chips for their usb32 devices. I just think their eprom firmware is different based on what year you bought your DAC in. I ended up getting a general link and DAC firmware images. I'm now using the latest usb32 driver from their site. Which I couldn't before the firmware update.
  13. manishex
    I have subversion: 0x0100ac0f   on my 2013 DAC.
    Is it possible to update to firmware V2, by using USB32_FW_version2_forDAC.BIN instead of version 1?
    Same goes for drivers, can I update to the 2014+ v2 drivers, and are there any changes in sound?
  14. Luckbad
    Email Audio-GD/Kingwa with your serial number and they can tell you what to use.
  15. JuicyBruce
    Just upped to V2 on the same DAC and got my opinion down before I read any others. Its connected to an NFB 6 and balanced out to HE500s.
    It seems to have smoothed out that "tapping on the side of an aluminium can with your fingernail" quality that used to really bug me with this setup. A much more even, less fatiguing spread now.
    Also not sure of this is a side effect of the aformentioned but i'm hearing a schitt-ton of bottom end. Bordering on too much and thats coming from a daily 1964-v8 user.
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