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Audio-gd USB-32 Firmware, Drivers, and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by petercraig, Nov 26, 2012.
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  1. norrest
    After the release of new boards based on the XMOS / Amanero - Kingva is not responsible for the old requirements. Service support older clients - very bad! [​IMG]
  2. Mahdi8
    Plus they no longer sell amanero or xmos for upgrade so we're stuck with VIA
  3. norrest
    Why not sell? Probably due to the MCU problems! Sorry ... And this company was interesting and so spoiled! 
  4. norrest
    my dac
  5. Mahdi8
    No explanation but i did want to buy an amanero module but they say no longer sell them for upgrade
  6. norrest
    Kingwa [​IMG]
  7. lucianpescaru
    I just found out something... newer drivers and firmware for the USB receiver chip VT1731. I updated my NFB11 to the firmware and drivers for Audiotrak DR. DAC3 which uses the same VIA VT1731 chip. May be placebo but it sounds better to me (more natural highs and overall presentation using 24/96 USB). http://audiotrack.net/en/download DL the drivers and firmware for the DAC 3 and play around with it :) Now it shows up as Audiotrak Dr DAC 3 but I could not care less. Be patient while you update firmware, it takes a while.
    Drivers dated 04.2015 - for Win7 and 8, 8.1 yummy! ASIO latency now measured in samples as it should be. Tested on NFB11, should work with no problems on NFB15. Only downside is that 32bit and 384khz options on the device dissapeared.
    edit: the audiotrak dr dac 3 drivers actually work without updating the firmware, I reverted to the original Audio GD firmware 2 due to a random click problem. The 32bit/384khz options are back :)
    edit2: the latest Audiotrak firmware sounds way better than the Audio GD one, but it has random clicks and also clicks when starting a new track both on ASIO and WASAPI. Bleah, I'll stick to WASAPI for a few days and see if still clicks while playing then will report.
    edit3: seems to be click free when ASIO set to 1024 samples 24/96. YMMV.
    norrest likes this.
  8. aroldan
    Is it reversible? IIRC, Kingwa had internally set the depth to 32 bits in the firmware because it performed/sounded better.
  9. lucianpescaru
    Yeah it's reversible. And you have that extra firmware chip in the original package in case something goes wrong which it shouldn't.
    edit: Here is the Audio GD firmware: http://uloz.to/xnwzUCpB/audio-gdusb32fwversion2-rar (click download with limitations).
  10. riffer
    lucianpescaru, thanks for posting that firmware and drivers. I was never able to get the USB32 working properly with my new ASRock Z97M Pro4
    motherboard and these did the trick (at least so far).
  11. norrest
    Old firmware (
    Kingva is GONE [​IMG]
    Come Back! I forgive everything!!!!! [​IMG]
    I think, clicks, pops and / or drop-outs For DSD thats why - 
    "Too clever" and  simplified  schemeby  and PCM/DSD selector,  and now can not do anything!
  12. lucianpescaru
    Old firmware. 09.2014.
  13. GiantAssPanda
    Need help. Got my NFB-11 today and after installing the drivers, restarting PC and powering on the DAC, according to the manual Windows should install drivers but it doesn't for me.
    Tried changing USB ports and installing the drivers agin, but nothing happens..
    EDIT: Reinstalled the drivers again and success, after the initial installation and rebooting to Windows, after powering up Windows (10) installed the device but now when I go to VIA Asio it shows as "SPDIF Interface", not "USB interface". Weird..
  14. rwpritchett
    Try a different good quality USB cable. My NFB-15 will not work with certain USB cables.
  15. lucianpescaru
    It is normal. Same here with both the NFB15 and the NFB11.
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