Audio-gd R2R DAC Thread

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by JoeDoe, Oct 5, 2017.
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  1. Mad Max
    Have you heard one or more of those R2R units versus the PCM1704UK-based DACs?
    If so, what did you think?
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  2. rexhu100
    Has anyone compared Singularity 19 and the current R2R line (eg. R2R 11)?
  3. Mage99
    I have been considering the differences between the R2R-11 alone and the R2R-1 and NFB-1amp combo. Serious price difference here (twice as much for the DAC unit alone) so I have a few questions:

    1. About the popping noises reported in the R2R-11 . . does this afflict the R2R 1 and 2 versions as well?
    2. Does the 1 or 2 benefit a lot from the lack of amp circuits (more space to grow?), they are twice the price, and
    3. Is there a big benefit from the FPGA vs CLPD implementation?

    I could grab the R2R-11 and a pair of ADAM F7 speakers for the same price of the balanced combo.
  4. D2Girls
    Get speakers before your source gear. Balanced isn't nearly as important as you might think.
  5. DrizztDo
    Has anyone tested R2R 1 ? I'm really interested , especially since it has balanced output with a small form factor.
  6. Mr G
    I've been using R2R 1 with NFB-1 for the past one month. It is a definite upgrade over my Audio Gd DAC-19. My preferred mode is OS X8. I'm using HD800S. I'm very happy with the combo and will not be making any upgrades for a long time. To my ears, the combo is neutral, fast, tonally accurate with excellent imaging and has plenty of low level details. The rest of my setup is as follows: Laptop>FOOBAR>ASIO>usb>R2R 1>ACSS connection >NFB-1>balanced out to HD800S. I was able to play all music sources up to 32bit, 384khz (wav, flac) without any problems. However, I've problems (low level background noise) with DSD sources (could be due to the laptop, Foobar setup or R2R 1). I don't have much DSD music, thus I'm not bothered by it. My advice is to audition R2R 1 and see if it meets your requirements. Cheers.
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  7. maellen
    Thanks for the review. By the way, did you try XLR balanced connection between your NFB-1AMP with the R2R-1? Any difference if compared to the ACSS connection?
  8. Mr G
    I've not tried it yet. However, I did ask Kingwa about it and his reply is attached below. Hope it is useful.

    'ACSS connect can give them offer the most neutral sound , less sound coloration and less sensitivity on the cable quality.
    The XLR connect can effect the sound flavor by the cable quality and configure , some cable can make the sound dynamic or speed or more smoother or warmer sound.
    I am advice use the ACSS as standard, if you like to try the XLR cable you can had a regular to judge the sound .
  9. maellen
    Yeah I remember reading those at R2R 1 product page. Just want to get real life feedback from customers.
  10. DrizztDo
    Thank you for your feedback.
    Good advice to test it beforehand too, but it will prove difficult since I don't know anyone owning it.
  11. cheungtsw
    Can someone explains OS and NOS ? Thx.

    I had an ADG DAC/HP amp some years ago. Although it sounded good the USB drivers are horrible.
    Does it change now with the R2R 11?
    How does it compare with the ifi ione?
  12. tauceti
    The NOS / OS difference on the R2R 1 or 2 would also interest me. I thought the USB is now better as they switched to amanero usb?
  13. Mr G
  14. rocksteady65
    Audio-GD has joined the R2R pool from their very beginning, with their TDA1541 based DACs. All their PCM1704 based DACs are R2R designs too. It's just a matter of nomenclature...
  15. maellen
    Custom order options:
    Option 2:Upgrade Two TCXOs price is USD40.
    Option 3: Upgrade USB isolator price is USD32.

    Do TXCO & USB isolator upgrade really make a difference?
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