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Audio-gd NFB-1 (2015)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by lukeap69, Oct 5, 2014.
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  1. lukeap69
    Looks like Kingwa has a new trick up on his sleeve :) He said the 2015 version of NFB-1 is the best NFB-1 model they ever had!
    Who can translate the new features of this DAC in layman's terms?)
  2. Chodi
    Thanks for pointing out this new model I almost missed it. It seems Kingwa has gone all out with the most elaborate power supply I've ever seen in a dac. He has also placed the digital section on a daughter board of massive construction and a separate usb input pcb. Frankly, this new product should win an award for complexity alone. And then there is the price. At $650 I could not even buy the parts let alone build this entire unit and make a profit. The only thing about this I question is his insistence on using the Via usb input. I don't know how that stacks up against the competition but as far as I know, he is the only one using it in a high end dac. 
    I can't wait to see a review and some listener comments of this product. It looks like a tremendous amount of thought went into this design. The parts count in that thing is staggering.
  3. lukeap69
    Yeah. This should be a winner. I sent an email to Kingwa and perhaps be one of the first buyers :) depending on his recommendation of course.
  4. Chodi
    It may well be a winner but parts count alone won't determine that. It has always been Kingwa's approach to use the most parts possible. Most of his products have turned out to be very good some even best buys in their price point. You have to wonder though since there are dac's like the Anedio D2 or the Yulong DA8 that take the complete opposite approach with few parts and get great results. The point I'm making is that The Kingwa approach of massively complex design is very different than some of the other top names that are held in high regard. This NFB-1 may yet be a killer dac but I'm going to wait for some listening reports before I jump on the wagon.
  5. lukeap69
    Agreed. It's good that Kingwa is doing a different approach. Hope this will end up to be a really good DAC.
  6. Mambosenior
    Every item I've bought from Dr. Kingwa is still giving much pleasure. Good luck with the new DAC and thanks.
  7. xxxfbsxxx
    the usb32 module powered by VIA is much better than almost any converter in $300 bracket and even more :wink:) only best by their own converter, the DI2014 :)
  8. Chodi
    So the DI2014 isn't using the via chip? It's using something else (xmos perhaps). Sorry I haven't bothered to look it up.
  9. xxxfbsxxx
    nope, it still uses the usb32 via chip but with much better power supply for each section :)
  10. lukeap69
    Just ordered one. Hope it arrives soon. :)
  11. Chodi
    Interested to hear your impressions once you get it.
  12. deuter
    I used to have the DAC 19 DSP but looking to move to the sabre DACs given thief detail retrieval ability, may be this one will suit me. Eagerly awaiting reviews.
  13. lukeap69
    Bummer! Audio-gd informed me that Chinese custom is having a serious check of all goods so my NFB-1 will be delayed by 5 to 10 days... :broken_heart::thumbsdown:
  14. rockfan1972
    I can't understand why Kingwa  not use so popular XMOS for usb reciver?
    Perhaps there is a reason, but this chip have in most modern DAC (wadia 121, yulong DA8, Anedio D2, ...and many more hi end) 
  15. Chodi
    I've been wondering that myself. He seems to be the only one using the via chip in a high end dac. There must be a reason but I haven't seen any comment to support his decision. I doubt its a cost issue the xmos oem pricing is low enough. I would love to hear the explanation from him. There is also a very well regarded usb interface available from Italy but that one clearly costs more. 
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