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Audio-GD DI-20

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by soundlogic, Oct 29, 2019.
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  1. PLGA
    I placed my order last week on a DI-20 (regular, non HE) and Kingwa told me it should be shipped at the end of this week, or beginning of the next. They are burning the unit.

    May be the HE versions could take longer depending on stock units they have. I think they were overcomed by the demand.

    They have always respond very quickly to my requests by email.
  2. UsoppNoKami
    I ordered on 31/10 from AGD's local distributor. Received this past Tuesday, so just over a month for the DI-20HE. Kingwa informed us ETA 4 weeks when order was placed, so pretty much on time.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
  3. DACLadder
    My DI-20 HE will be delivered tomorrow! Order placed on Nov. 5, 2019.
  4. DACLadder
    Audio GD updated the online shipping log. It looks the HE is far outselling the standard DI-20. So Kingwa may be trying to catch up. My HE order is taking one month to complete.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
  5. Wynnytsky
    It's mostly the Chinese market. They must have already done all the comparisons. I wonder what site they review on? I'm away this weekend but I'll be checking my phone often for DACLadder's day 1,2,3 impressions.
  6. TitaniumDust
    Thank you for the info! I'm glad to hear someone else having great success with Audio Sensibility cables. I was hoping to save up for a DAC with IIS input, but the DI-20 has me thoroughly intrigued, especially if the BNC out is about on par with the IIS out, which early indications seem to say is the case. I finally got my U16 working great with my simple-use scenario (100% PCM files <= 24/192, BNC out) but the DI-20 opens up more options in the future for SQ and stability should I wish to start exploring DSD and IIS DACs. These darn peeps have just gotta stop making great hardware - my wallet can't keep up!
  7. DACLadder
    The HE orders are probably from fans on AGD's Chinese language forum... http://bbs.audio-gd.com/index.asp?boardid=2

    FredA receives his HE tomorrow as well! From reports the DI-20 may take a month to sound its best. But I will certainly give my impressions.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
  8. Wynnytsky
    If you're wondering why Fred isn't posting it's because he was put in a medical induced comma until the package arrives.

    It's a new shipping option on DHL's site where you can sign for your package online.
  9. rsbrsvp
    Can someone explain to me what "ACSS" means???

    I understand that this converter has usb input and coax or spdif output- but what is the ACSS part?

    Also- does my dac need to have a special "ACSS" input to benefit from this transport is is a regular bnc input on my dac fine?
  10. newabc
    Kingwa said the SPDIF acss output is compatible with most of the DACs. Now I am using a BNC-BNC cable to connect SPDIF acss of DI-20 and SPDIF coaxial input of my DAC.
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  11. PLGA
    :o2smile: Most of us need that while waiting for New gear to arrive!!
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  12. FredA
    That's a real good one! Can't stop laughing! Especially since my delivery was postponed by one day, which means, fingers crossed, i should get it tomorrow. :)
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
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  13. darren700
    Thanks for this very informative post. I was wondering why the BNC clock connector looked different that the spdif BNC connector on my DI-20. Now I know..
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  14. DACLadder
    The DI-20 HE delivery is a no-show today. It is stuck in U.S. Customs for the past 24 hrs. Most likely will be rescheduled for Monday
  15. DACLadder
    The Gustard U16 uses a 50 ohm BNC connector for its S/PDIF output (75 ohm). Both S/PDIF out and 10M Clk in have the same 50 ohm connector type. Attention to detail drives me crazy sometimes.


    The DI-20 HE is 40 miles away and hopefully delivered tomorrow. I forgot it was Black Friday shipping week. No wonder shipments are slow
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