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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shahzada123, Nov 19, 2013.
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  1. dmhenley
    I've the Audeze single-ended cable that I think comes with the LCD4, and I am finding a bit of metallic luster overall.
    Guess I'll need to order another cable.
  2. abvolt
    That's what I did with my XC's got a better balanced cable it made all the difference..enjoy
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  3. Uncle Monty
    Just gone back to Nordost Heimdall2 (pure copper) from Toxic Silver Widow 22 (silver obv) and I think I prefer it - smoother and more rounded than the silver.

    The Toxic has a balanced 2.5mm connection whereas I need to use the unbalanced 3.5mm with the Heimdalls, however I'm just enjoying it more - there's no harshness at all.

    Don't get me wrong, the Toxic cable is amazing and about half the price of the Nordost but - properly run-in - I'm thinking the Heimdall2 suits the XCs better.

    I actually briefly sold my Nordost but took it back when the buyer decided it wasn't for him. He did give it a very thorough burn-in however and this makes a huge difference to the sound, especially if the cable's not been used for while. 200hrs burn-in seems perfect. Is a pricey cable tho.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
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  4. SonicTrance
    Looks like I'll be upgrading the drivers after all! Got a driver failure yesterday :frowning2:
    $500 + shipping down the drain, 6 month out of warranty.
  5. makan
    That sucks. Did I not sell you a LCD-3F that also failed under warranty that time?
  6. SonicTrance
    Correct! They arrived to me with a failed driver. But those were under warranty. Not so lucky this time. At least the LCD 3 holds up so far.
  7. dmhenley
    I've found after about 150 hours letting the Audeze single-ended braided cable (silver-plated copper) settle in (the XC were used when I bought them but the cable was new), it's sounding more natural. It's a nice cable, I need the length in my office, and I'm hoping it settles down more. I can't run balanced with my main tube amp, so single-ended is the way.

    Normally, I don't go for silver. I'm a tone freak - I'll sacrifice a bit of extension or resolution for juicy tone.
    I prefer my Euphoria 45 tube amp to my ss amps, and using it to drive the XC is delivering more of the tone and texture I want.
  8. abvolt
    @SonicTrance Sorry to hear that, wow driver replacement is pricey on these hp's good luck..
  9. PinoNL
    Nordost is on my short list for a cable upgrade. Have you ever tried Forza Audio Works cables? I’m looking for a comparison between their full copper cable and the Heimdall2
  10. Uncle Monty
    Have only used Toxic Silver Widow and Heimdall2 along with stock cable. Full copper seems to be the preference for the XCs although I find the silver Toxic to be wonderful also, just slightly brighter sounding. As stated above, burn-in seems to be highly necessary for the Nordost and I can testify to the huge benefits of 200+hrs burn-in. Re-burn-in also required if not used for 6months(?) - see Nordost website for all the details....


    168hrs minimum required break-in. The difference between 167hrs and 168hrs is quite something..

    That's a joke but, seriously, do burn-in.
  11. Lebber67

    Since yesterday (October 30th) I,m the proud owner of a LCD-XC.
    It took me some time to find the best headphone for my ears and taste!
    I sold my Focal Clear not because it was bad but in the end it was to direct for my taste and it is a open headphone (read on).

    I listened to.
    Focal Elegia
    Sennheiser HD820
    Audeze LCD-XC

    The Focal Elegia sounded flat and boring (I think this is due to the fact I'm expecting the Focal Clear sound).
    The Sennheiser HD820, Very good, it took 3 numbers before I'm settled but it is...weird, it feels there is nothing on you're head! Great presence and decent bass, but it didn't take me into the music, it is to analytical.
    The Audeze LCD-XC, Perfect for my taste end ears, Warm full bodied strong bass and give me the hifi experience if I'm listing to my hifi system, and there is something on you're head and ears (but i like that).

    The LCD-XC fits perfectly and I'm not experience the weight of these cans.

    I''m lucky i could buy the Lee Weiland Original blue XLR cable for the LCD-4 (just €199) from the dealer i bought the LCD-XC!

    The reason i go closed is because my wife has heavy migraine and can't have any noise or lights, this was limiting my listing to headfi.

    In the end it is good for both of us, I got myself the best sound i could wish and my wife is free of disturbing sound what could result in a migraine.


    My system is.

    Questyle CMA600i Headphone dac/amp
    Auralic Aries Mini (next year this is changed for a Sotm sms 200 ultra neo)
    Audioquest Carbon USB
    Audioquest Vodka Ethernet
    B&W P7 headphone
    Audeze LCD-XC
    Own Build Roon Core PC (i7 + 2gb SSD).

    *the photo's i posted are not visible!
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2018
  12. greenkiwi

    I really enjoy my xc. I'm sure you will too, and I found I enjoyed it even more after a few months.

    Also are you enjoying your Questyle CMA600i? It's a DAC/amp I've had my eyes on.
  13. Lebber67
    I really like the Questyle.

    My impressions are.

    -Neutral sound.
    -More than enough power, on single and balanced.
    -Very good match with the XC (power and sound wise)
    -Good dac section with native dsd.
    -Build quality

    I don't like.
    -Volume control knob no visible mark.
    -Use of Spdif limited to just Optical or Coax but not both (Switch at the back).
    -Cheap remote (but don't use it).

    The XC is coming to live and it's sound is perfect (for me).
  14. tipsyboo
    I'm really enjoying the XC + CMA600 combo too ^^
  15. nephilim32
    Well, I really like this post.
    I think I will be joining the Audeze XC family real soon . I as well have tried several closed back headphones and long story short the XC's I feel will Really fit the bill . Like you, I have to keep the noise down so it is so nice to know that the XC's don't leak sound and keep a decent and yet quiet nature about them. I remember being so impressed with the XC's that I forgot to ask my dealer...can you hear any noise out of these puppies??
    Anyway . A big congrats and thank you for confirming the XC's low leakage volume.

    I am a big nightime listener and the HD 800's that I mainly use are a no go at night time ....sadly.
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