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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. VandyMan
    Sennheiser and STAX (and probably a lot of other headphone companies) also do running revisions without noting it to consumers. I'm not a fan of that, but it does prevent two issues. First, retailers don't get stuck with out of date inventory. Secondly, they avoid a lot of consumer confusion about the changes. Often these changes are due to parts suppliers changing or small manufacturing optimizations. Audeze is not alone in this.
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  2. thecrow

    the email never said there was a batch every month.

    I don’t know how much vocal people here know but i certainly don’t know how often “batches” are made. Perhaps they are yearly or every 6 months

    i know when i bought my lcd2 a few years ago (maybe 2017) i asked audeze about revisions and they were happy to give me relevant info of significant differences. I think there was one towards the end of 2016

    apart from these developmental changes every year or so there’s nothing new about variation between audeze headphones. There’s a common belief that is the case. Not at all ideal or what people would want but that's the way it is.

    maybe I’ll go wait in the lobby whilst this thread discusses this old conversation over the next few days

    I’ve recently been reading in other threads three or four day arguments and semantics over the arguments over “my amp is better than yours” and you could not know how good these headphones are with your amp , blah blah blah and also how heavy or not headphones are and what is considered heavy and who said what that i can only shake my head

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  3. Kopf
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  4. kid vic
    Hahaha its a return to the keyboard dogfighting yore and a large departure from the music focused past.
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  5. manishex
    Anyone have a 2019 graph? My frequency response looks almost Identical to my 2016 lcd-3. I wonder how different the newest ones sound like.
  6. LeoKane
    This mine from 2018 if it helps....
  7. manishex
    My 4 (2019) and 3F (2016)
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  8. astrostar59
    Interesting graphs. I wonder how far the Audeze LCD4 filter in Roon fixes those dips?
  9. astrostar59
    Of course the other side to this is how any headphone or speaker handles busy complex music. A sine wave will be very far away from real world music handling. And don't forget the incredible dynamic range and power handling of the LCD4. So it is part FR for sure, but lots of other factors make top performance. I have seen other 'flatter' FR response data and the HPs sound hideous....
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  10. manishex
    I will say I'm quite sensitive to 4 kHz, as are most people. I sort of need it to dip so that everything else can comes out at higher volumes. I've also spent years building a system that if eq'd in anyway sounds tangibly worse, far beyond what the reveal plugin can improve, so I am happy that both graphs are similar.
    I recall listening to an lcd4 at canjam this year on the bartok and it was more laid back In comparison, which led it to have less perceived attack and speed which some people complain about.
    Like you said the drivers ability is also important and even though the other lcds have flat lines to 20hz, the 4s easily outshine the rest when it comes to sub bass.
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  11. mixman
    Anyone has a 4z FR to put up against the graph for the 4?
  12. manishex
    I've seen many 2017/2018 lcd-4 graphs and my October 2019 graph is more different to it than what I think the lcd-4z graph would be.
    Hence why I was wondering what other late 2019 graphs look like.
  13. Dinrog
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  14. Àedhàn Cassiel
    What's the latest with driver replacements? Last I heard close to a year ago the going rate was 1k with a 3? 5? year warranty renewal, but my experience watching the LCD3 tells me these rules are changing constantly, sometimes increasing and sometimes decreasing price. How likely is Audeze to repair one for free out of warranty? I know they've done so occasionally...
  15. JLoud
    I had an LCD3 that was 6 months out of warranty. Driver failed when I accidentally let the cups snap down on my ears. Too much pressure on the diaphragm I'm guessing. Audeze repaired at no cost but one way shipping. No fuss, no muss. Couldn't recommend their service enough.
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