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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. PointyFox
    "I accidentally put my $2000 headphones on too fast and they broke". :thinking:
  2. thecrow
    .....and they were fixed for free (except some postage) though they were out of warranty of which is also made transferable by the manufacturers

    And the drivers have that sense of fragility to them as part of offering the sound that they have that some people love

    Yes. That is correct
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  3. isquirrel
    That is excellent service.
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  4. jlbrach
    best customer service in the headphone world,period
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  5. sahmen
    Anyone tried the new Audeze Reveal + plugin yet? I have been trying to download the trial version, but for some weird reason, the site does not recognize the login credentials I have been using in the past year. I hope that is just a temporary glitch.

    If you have tried the Reveal +, kindly share your impressions, as I am trying to decide whether I should invest in it or not.

    I am particularly eager to find out how much more it can do in comparison with the Roon Audeze presets, which I also use.

  6. astrostar59
    Can you use the Reveal plugin inside Roon, or is it a stand alone player?

    Edit I believe the Audeze Reveal plugins are the same thing as the ones available in Roon?

    Quote from Audeze:

    The Audeze Reveal plugin is available for free download here. If you're a Roon user, we've also integrated those same profiles into Roon's DSP engine and they're offered at no additional cost within the Roon platform.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
  7. sahmen
    Just to be sure, did you notice the "+" sign? They call it the Audeze Reveal + plugin, and it going to sell for $199 after the 14 day trial period. This "plus" version includes an ear-mapping functionality that you cannot get in the premium version, and the version included in Roon. Here is a video and a write-up:

    The video:

    Now the Write-up:

    Audeze Reveal+ Plugin
    Reveal+ is a premium edition of Audeze's widely popular Reveal plugin. Featuring a suite of carefully calibrated presets for most Audeze headphones, Reveal+ combines the sensation of listening to reference speakers in an acoustically treated room with the intimacy and isolation of headphones. This premium edition further personalizes your spatial listening experience with the addition of cutting-edge Aural Map technology developed by Embody that measures your unique physiology in order to place you right in the sweet spot.

    Aural Map, Crafted by Embody
    Reveal+ features groundbreaking Aural Map technology crafted by Embody, an industry-leading audio lifestyle company specializing in human sensory experiences. The human ear is as unique as a fingerprint, and from an early age your brain is trained to localize sounds based on your unique physiology. Just like you can’t wear someone else’s glasses, listening to a general HRTF confuses the brain, causing localization errors and impairing the spatial audio experience!

    With the Aural Map, you can create a personalized HRTF by simply taking a picture of your ear using the Audeze HQ mobile app, which has been upgraded to serve as a companion to Reveal+. Once the picture has been uploaded to the Cloud, Embody's advanced machine-learning algorithms convert that picture into a unique spatial profile, or Aural Map, which can be downloaded directly into your Reveal+ plugin. Enjoy premium spatial audio that's been crafted specifically for your ears!

    For more information on Embody visit: embody.co

    Intuitive Design and Easy Setup
    The Audeze Reveal+ plugin user interface was developed alongside professional recording artists, and mix and mastering engineers to ensure seamless compatibility with all industry standard Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)! This intuitive plugin is extremely easy to set up - simply download and install the plugin package, load it into your DAW or music player software, and select the model of Audeze headphone you’re using. To add your personalized Aural Map into the mix, simply click over to the Aural Map tab, enter your registered email address and select your HRTF file from the dropdown menu!

    The Reveal+ plugin is compatible with DAWs and playback software that supports AU, VST or AAX plugins. Compatible DAWs include ProTools, Logic, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, REAPER and others. Compatible audio playback software includes JRiver, Audirvana Plus, Pure Music, VOX, Foobar2000 and others. The filters used by the Reveal+ plugin were designed for all commonly used sample-rates (44.1 kHz - 768 kHz), so no resampling happens no matter what sample-rate you use*.

    * Reveal+ Plugin is designed to to be transparent and as unobtrusive as possible and does not apply any spatialization, reflections, crossfeed or resampling when Aural Map is not enabled.


    Setting Up Reveal+
    To install Reveal+, download the Reveal+ Plugin zip file. Once the download is complete, double click on the downloaded file to unzip and run the installer. The installer should prompt you to select which components you want to install, and the directory in which you would like to install them. Be sure you install the versions you need for your system and put them in the location recommended by the provider of your preferred software (usually the system plugins folder).

    Most DAW and music player applications work in similar ways, but there are some differences in the way plugins are integrated. We suggest you contact the maker of your particular software if you have specific questions, but we have included a few examples below to help get you started!
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
  8. KMann
    If you have an email registered it should work. We did switch sites earlier this year and it is possible that your login was not transferred over. You could create a new login and try and contact support if it does not work.

    The Reveal+ adds virtual sound based on your HRTF. It uses Machine learning to compute your HRTF from a picture of your ear, without having measure with a microphone. The preset you have been using are still available wether or not you choose to purchase a licensed version.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
  9. sahmen
    Thanks for your input @KMann : as for the login page, it is still acting kind of weird. I have tried to login without success, using my e-mail address and the password the was last stored on my browser for that page. The een stranger thing is that, when I attempt to do a password reset with my e-mail address, I get the "no account found with that email" error notice (see below), although I still receive audeze mailings,--which include the Reveal e-mail of today. I would like my old account to be retrieved since it has all my Audeze headphone serial numbers, as well as my warranty information. I shall contact customer service very soon, as you have suggested.

    Customer Login

    Reset Password
    • No account found with that email.
    We will send you an email to reset your password.

    or Cancel
  10. Àedhàn Cassiel
    Most certainly intrigued, but am I the only one that prefers the LCD4 without any EQ? Even at times I tried to get myself used to the Reveal plugin, I ended up keeping it around 20-30% wet at most. Not sure if I have an LCD4 with less of the weird dips, or for some reason I actually like them.
  11. juansan
    I use the lcd-4z with no equalisation and I’m very happy with it
  12. sahmen
    Personally, I like the sound of LCD-4 as is, but I also like to tinker with EQs to sample additional sonic flavors whenever I can. I do not think there is any thing wrong with that. I actually have to confess that in roon, I listen more often with the LCD-4 filter selected than not. I also often listen to Roon with my Hifiman He-1000SE with no filter selected, and that is perfectly fine too. It could be exactly the same with the LCD-4 were there no Audeze filter box to check, and I wouldn't think twice about it. In other words, I use the LCD-4 with the filter, because the latter is there and does offer a flavor in SQ that is slightly different from te filterless setting. It is also because sometimes I like options.
  13. astrostar59
    As with all EQ there are trade offs. They are getting better, but non the less you loose something to gain something. One of the biggest issues is crashing the 0 db threshold, a big no no for digital. Anyone who has heard digital clipping will know it sounds a lot worse than analogue overload if we were to compare the two. Apples and Oranges, but basically you need to avoid adding any bass without reducing the overall level of all the FR. And then you loose some resolution. A boost in the treble ranges will probably be ok as they tend to not get so near the 0 db limit (but not in all cases).

    Also don't forget the data is resampled, not upsamped but resampled, so like a photo copy of a photo copy it looses something. I notice this most in soundstage size loss, and less differentiation between instruments. On the Abyss TC I run it straight through as it is already super transparent, no EQ needed.
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  14. rsbrsvp
    I understand from this thread that the LCD-4 is progressing and every batch is perhaps a small improvement.

    Does anyone know if they are solving the treble dip problem? My last pair had the best bass and midrange I ever heard on any headphone with stunning detail retreival and excellent punch, but that treble dip is too much. I dont mind and even like a small dip in the treble as the Abyss has- as it is easier on the ears- but 12db dip on my last pair was to much. And I do not like equalizing- as although it helps solve issues like this one- the purity of sound is compromised and it is not worth the trade off to me.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  15. manishex
    If you see the previous page I posted my lcd3 2016 and October 2019 lcd4 graphs. Even though the graphs look exactly the same, the lcd3 sound like hd600 and the lcd4 sound like hd650 so a bit darker but has more detail. Silver cabling will help. That being said I think the newest ones are the brightest but the lcd4 will not put a spotlight on the treble, it's like a night sky, you can find the detail if you focus on it, it's not thrown in your face. In a way this is very similar to the tonality of crossfeed from speakers.
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