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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Autostart
    The 2016+ LCD-2 is amazingly addicting. The mids are smoothly pronounced and who ever said the LCD-2 doesn't have any slam is out of their mind. If the LCD-2C are performers of this same nature with very more lushish mids I think these will be a huge success.

    Edit: One thing to note for all of you non - planar Magnitic headphone folks that are looking into the LCD-2C that are in question. The one thing that always amazes me still till this day is the shear volume and quailty Audeze produce without distortion.

    Planar Magnitic Headphones = Planar Magical Headphones
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2017
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  2. anoxy
    I mean obviously it’s a marketing ploy, but anything is speculation at this point.
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  3. paradoxper
    I am wondering just how many of you have heard an OG LCD-2? The mids were really quite something.
  4. macky112
    So, now it sounds like on the 2016 lcd2 driver, fazor only affects the mid range? I remember reading that the pre 2016F fazor model sounds bright compared to the non-F, could someone clarify the brightness observed on pre-2016F fazor is it only affecting mid or overall sound ?
  5. gLer
    I’m not sure about previous versions because I haven’t heard any of them, but I can assure you the 2016F are not bright, not even slightly. In fact most would call them bordering on dark compared to treble-boosted headphones. I’m quite treble sensitive and held back from getting a 2016F because of all the talk of ‘brighter’ but while all the detail is there in the treble - more so than say the HD650 - it’s never ever sibilant or harsh. Will be interesting to see where the 2C fits in the spectrum.
  6. I g o r
    Exactly. I read all those years and compared frequency response graphics between Fazor and non Fazor, and the difference is always in the highs, with the non Fazor being warmer, especially in the 10k area, which is always pronnounciated in the Fazors.

    I am utterly confused now...
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  7. manishex
    Apparently nothing does bass like the Abyss. LCD-3 pre-fazor midrange was to die for too, technically without the fazor elements you'll get that mid range at the cost of transparency, imaging and treble presence (can be favourable). With that I guess its for you to decide if you want even better mids and less treble. Bass will have slightly more bloom too, anyone able to verify this?
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2017
  8. fccn75
    About a year ago, an interesting question was brought up regarding the removal of the fazor element on a 2016 - 2F but doesn't appear anyone has removed it for experimental purposes. Now with this latest info from Audeze noting that it's sound sig is relatively the same on bass and treble but midrange is the only spectrum affected, it'll be very interesting to see what this fazor removal does to SQ.
  9. Àedhàn Cassiel
    Does anyone have any idea if it’s true that the Revision 1 had fewer quality control issues / less spontaneous driver death than the later models? Someone who claims to have worked for JPS cables that was once planning to design a cable for the LCD2 is interested in selling me a like-new Rev1. Since I'm looking for a 2nd pair of phones that will contrast well with my HD800s and I LOVED the LCD2.2 I spent a couple months with, I’m thinking the extra bass and darkness on the Rev1 would make it perfect for me, but I can't listen in advance and he's not offering returns. This actually would have been from the batch of samples Audeze sent out to manufacturers, which is another reason he claims it would be made of sturdier materials. I’m dead broke except for this bit of headphone money I have invested in my two headphones and Schiit stack (I keep selling and purchasing with the same $ but have no new spending money coming in and won't for quite awhile) so I'm absolutely terrified of driver failure. It's actually the only reason I even sold my Rev2s.

    Any advice from you guys on whether it's worth it to pick up these Rev1s or just go with the Classic?
  10. Matro5
    If I were in this situation, where I knew that I would love the sound, but driver failure was my primary concern, I would absolutely be buying new from an authorized dealer, rather than used from someone I didn't know.
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  11. Madcat207
    i own OG LCD-2 (downward connectors, single metal and exposed foam headband, Rosewood cups).. the sound is amazing, and you would have to pry em from from my cold dead hands; The bass and mids are to die for IMO..
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  12. boostergold90
    Received another promo email from Audeze regarding these with a note at the bottom that they were shipping in 2 weeks. The wait is killing me.
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  13. paradoxper
    Indeed. Out of all the gear I've had, the LCD-2 is amongst the most missed.
  14. Nautrachkfriend
    I also owned a pair like this, wish I never ever sold them...one of my favorite sounds.
  15. Audeze
    There seems to be confusion on what a fazor does and what it doesn't do. So here is some more explanation on Fazors and how they work. Fazors mainly work in high Frequencies management and don’t have anything to do with the bass extension. The Bass extension on these headphones are pretty much the same if they are Fazored or Non-Fazored.
    Fazors do four things
    a. They remove the diffraction around the magnets when sound goes through them. Diffraction effects are related to wavelength and the size of the obstacle. Low frequencies are not affected by this at all.
    b. Sound Stage & Imaging - There are two things related to this - How big the sound stage is and how accurate it is. We do a lot of tests and recordings ourselves to determine where instruments are placed and how accurate the sound stage and imaging are.
    The fazors make the audio wavefronts more coherent. This in turn makes the sound stage more accurate.
    c. Efficiency. The fazors increase acoustic impedance in the space between the ear and the driver. This gets us a bit more efficiency.
    d. Phase coherency. This is why we named it fazor.

    The original LCD2 had a slighlty darker sound which many people loved. The LCD2C without fazor is pretty much similar design.
    Audeze Stay updated on Audeze at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/AudezeLLC https://twitter.com/audeze https://www.audeze.com/
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