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Audeze EL-8: The EL-8 is a must-hear at CES 2015

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Jan 4, 2015.
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  1. inthere

    If your budget can do the TH900, you may want to look into the Ether C instead. It has really good isolation and doesn't leak much sound at all. It's a little light on the bass though. 
  2. zambz
    I have seriously been considering upgrading to a pair of LCD-Xs but honestly, when you take both comfort and performance into account, the open EL-8s are actually a better choice right now.
    I really hope we see some comfort improvements in the LCD line and even the next EL-8 which also has some comfort and fit issues for me.  But overall when I consider that pair of my open EL-8s basically 90% as good as the LCD-Xs but are 2x more comfortable, more portable and almost 1/3 of the price, the LCD-Xs become a much less appealing option.
    I am such a huge fan of the open EL-8s and truly am surprised that they haven't gotten as much attention as I think they deserve.
    This seems to be overshadowed by Audeze pushing their closed EL-8s out to Apple stores and such, which quite frankly, are dramatically worse sounding headphones and when considering closed headphones, there are many much better options, such as the Oppo PM-3s or various dynamics.  Pretty much all closed headphones have issues but the closed EL-8s have more issues than most others I've tried, they're too big for travel, very heavy to wear, expensive, no included carry cases (the pouch is not worth mentioning), have recessed mids and harsh treble without much low end punch (which is typically drowned out when on the train or similar).  The closed EL-8s really should haven't been released in their current state as they give Audeze a bad name.  The drivers should have been tuned to the enclosure instead of Audeze sealing up he same driver in the open model.
    No offence to owners of the closed model of course, if you do love them, then that's fantastic!  But I think Audeze could and should have done better with them.
  3. DavidA
    The EL8 got a lot of attention when they first came out, unfortunately due to bad QC and wild differences in sound they quickly became the new "HD-700" which I think get a bad rap these days, just my opinion  [​IMG]
  4. inthere
    Recessed mids and hash treble definitely sounds like a defective pair; it's a quite common defect too........my 1st pair had harsh highs, very little bass, etc. I returned them when the left cup died. When I heard the EL-8C at Can Jam London, the highs were smooth as silk and it had mids. 
    When my replacement pair arrived, it sounded like the Can Jam pair; smooth silky highs and pretty balanced. 
    I told a friend of mine to check out the EL-8C and he went to his local hifi store-he hated them. Said they had harsh highs, no mids, and no bass. I told him the store had a defective demo pair, lol. He told the store and they caught it but they must've demoed that defective pair to more than a few audiophiles.
    A non defective pair of EL-8s should sound almost exactly like the EL-8 open with a smaller soundstage; all the parts are exactly the same except the opens have the grill instead of the solid backing.
    This is my experience comparing the two at Can Jam and my local dealer because they gave me a choice between the two when I returned my defective pair and I had a tough time deciding which one I wanted. In the end I decided I wanted portability and the soundstage difference wasn't big enough to convince me to go with the opens. 
  5. zambz
    Wow, I had no idea.  The store I listened to them at usually gets early stock from Audeze, so it's possible that Audeze made some significant tweaks since the original few batches.  The ones I heard took me about 10 seconds to take off my head and say, ewwwww.  The fella at the store said that the closed model had more bass than the open but this wasn't at all the case in the pair I tried.
    A closed back EL-8 with even 80% of the quality I hear in my opens would be without a doubt the best closed headphone on the market, particularly with the speed and transient response of planar tech.
    I'll see if I can find another store in Melbourne that has a demo pair of closed EL-8s, thanks! :)
  6. inthere

    Or just tell your normal store their demo pair may be defective...........what would you tell someone if they said their EL-8 opens had screeching and harsh highs? You probably do what I've done on these forums at least a dozen times now; I tell them that a non defective pair doesn't have screeching highs and it's most likely defective.

    There have been guys, some in this very thread that have returned their EL-8s 3-4 times and gotten a different defect every time.......failing cups, crackling noises, harsh treble, defective connectors........those that have followed through have been rewarded for their patience with some sensational headphones, but some have given up after 2-3 returns.

    I really hope Audeze is able to ride this out because frankly I've never heard of a company having this much defective stock.
  7. natalieann
    The titanium closed have outstanding treble....they obviously fixed the problem
  8. natalieann
    When your wife lets your five year old use your awesome expensive headphones because she has no clue! I about had a heart attack
  9. DavidA
    Music is a great way to get kids to sleep, used to play music for my son when he had a hard time going to sleep.  Maybe that's why he is always "borrowing" my headphones.  Gave him a HE-560 for his high school graduation so he wouldn't keep borrowing [​IMG]
  10. nephilim32

    That is freaking adorable. What a great photo. :)
    Look how at peace the little guy is. I guess his ears are gonna be forever spoiled. lol.
    Wonder what he is listening to? My guess is classical and not Slipknot. :wink:
  11. nephilim32

    Man, I got a bean bag chair back in 1999 for my high school graduation. Times have changed. Lol. What a dad you are!!!!
  12. Denzelwng4
    that's cute...[​IMG]
  13. zambz
    Haha, I'm surprised they fit him with that adjustment, that's how I wear them and I have a pretty big head :)
    P.S.: I still love these headphones to bits, I've never enjoyed music as much as I do with these
  14. natalieann

    He has a huge head:grinning:
  15. zambz
    lol must be one hell of a brain in there :)
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