1. ghostchili

    Audeze EL-8 vs AudioQuest NightHawk "Battle of the Upper Middle Class?"

    The Audeze EL-8 ($699) and the AudioQuest Nighthawk ($599) will be released around the same time and priced within $100. I will be receiving one of the first Production Nighthawks from a local distributer. I am curious to see how the Head-Fi community receives both of these as there is not much...
  2. jude

    Audeze EL-8: The EL-8 is a must-hear at CES 2015

    (If you can't see the embedded video above, click here to watch it.)   As some of you may have seen in another thread here, Head-Fi'er Matias, then long-time Head-Fi'er arnaud, posted an Audeze advertisement (from The Absolute Sound's January 2015 issue) for what looked like a new Audeze...
  3. AyeVeeN

    Headphones with Westone-like house signature

    Hello. I've been on this forum for awhile and have been through quite an amount of headphones considering my age aka the amount, or lack thereof, of money I have. I've found what I presume to be my perfect portable CIEM, the Westone ES3X (and the ES5 I presume due to it technically being an...
  4. jackiedh

    Audeze---Alternative to Stock Cables

    Just got a couple of Balanced cables and adapters from Q cables--absolutely great!!   Sound quality wise and the ergonomics of the cables are fantastic!   Jack
  5. drews

    APURESOUND Complaint Thread (Customers with outstanding items or money ONLY)

    Anyone considering purchasing from Alex at APureSound may want to think twice - although he states 2-3 week order processing times on his site (confirmed by him in email before I ordered), my balanced LCD-2 cable order placed in late January has still not materialized.  Emails to him (or Heli)...
  6. obzilla

    Denon RCD-N7 vs Teac CR-H500NT for nightstand source...

    Hey all.    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or opinions on this little unit as a source/dac for a nightstand head-fi rig? The features are what I am after. Ipod/Iphone digital out, USB support for FLAC/WAV, CD player, WIFI connectivity, AirPlay, etc. The price is right. $600...
  7. ALO Audio RW8-S Audeze LCD2 Cable

    ALO Audio RW8-S Audeze LCD2 Cable

    ALO audio 8 wire Silver and Copper Round Chain Mail, 22awg Audeze LCD2 Headphone Cable