ATH m50 vs ATH m40fs vs ATH m30 vs ATH Pro700sv??????
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Jan 29, 2011
On amazon i see that...
m50's- $150
pro 700sv-$105
m40fs- $65
m30's- $40
These all seem like very good deals and they all have very good reviews. I'm looking for bass heavy headphones that will sound good with hip hop. Everyone says m50's are the way to go but the other headphones seem to be very good as well. Also i havn't seen anything on the pro 700sv's but i see there marked down about $170 bucks and they have very good reviews as well as a 53MM DRIVER!! im guessing that would sound great and have tons of bass. Also the m40's and m30's are best sellers on amazon and go for a great price so if there not that much worse than the m50's i might pick those up instead. And lastly the m50's which supposidly are amazing but are the highest price out of all of those. Im guessing i could probably find them somewhere for a little less but not much. Is it worth it for my music preference to go ahead and get those? I would really appreciate the responses as i am a little lost!!! Thanks
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if you look harder you can find m50's around $100. i got mine for 109 recently. great phones, for the price idk why you would go with the lesser models.
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