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  1. s4one
    Does anyone have any reviews on these earphones?
    I am looking for some earphones that are easy to drive, nothing that requires too much power. For example, I am currently using Kipsch S2's. To me they require a lot of power. I mean when I use them on my phone and mp3 they have a limit but when I plug the s2's in my amp they really come alive.
    I know that Sony and Audio Technica earphones do not require a lot of power. I went to the local earphone store and tried the ATH-CKM77 on my phone and it sounded great.
    The main question is what is the different between the CKM and CKS models and will the CKS's require more power to drive?
    How do tell or measure whether a earphone requires a lot of power or not? Look at impedance or frequency response??
  2. tomscy2000
    It seems like what you're hearing is a difference in sound signature and synergy with your phone, rather than a difference in power requirements.
    Most IEMs are easily driven by portable sources. An earphone's power requirements lie in the impedance, but its ability to be driven loudly is shown by its sensitivity (which usually goes hand in hand with impedance). Unless it is a very specific model like the Hifiman RE262, most IEMs have very low impedance (commonly 16-32 ohms) and high sensitivity (commonly >105 dB @1 kHz). Both the CKS and CKM lines should not require much power.

  3. Leynar
    Impedance. FrQ response is to see how the IEM responds to the Vibration, or music played
  4. s4one
    Thank you all for the replies!!

    Anyone know the difference in sound between the 2 difff models that are listed? I heard the CKM's but do not have a chance to listen to the CKS. 
  5. Leynar
    Used to have the cks. Didn't really like the sound. The bass gives you head aches. The ckm I've auditioned has a little sibilance, but I like it more. The short cord's pretty irritating though

    But I had the cks for 1 year +, so it just could be I got bored of the overwhelming bass

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