Asus Xonar U7 DAC/AMP Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by pcharouz, Jun 21, 2013.
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  1. Fujibayashi
    It does not install Sonic Studio.
  2. Paulus XII
    Can this be used with a smartphone as a DAC?
  3. raoultrifan
    It worked on my old Archos 9" Android tablet on the fly with OTG cable, just gain was at max. value. I was able to listed music with many Android players. Don't know about phones, most likely you may need to try it out on your phone before the purchase.
  4. Mojabragas
    Anything new with Dolby HTV4? Can it be installed in win10 in this days without error?
  5. HAWX
    For U7 Echelon, no, there is no Dolby HTV4 included in Windows 10 driver unfortunatelly.
    But in another respect, I was using Dolby HTV4 functionality in the past, but it is not good for games, or music.I was only using it for speeches, sometimes for films and tuned it for night time speech listening in very low volume thorugh my speakers. But other than these, Dolby HTV4 makes the sound artificial and less seperated for music and games no matter what setting you use. I can do the similar things with voice clarity and compressor and equaliser options in Sonic Studio, so I personally don't miss all that much, headphone users would not need it at all I guess.
  6. Mojabragas
    I liked Sonic Studio too, but they delete it from the driver in non echelon version , so we can't get it.
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  7. disfunktor
    Out of all the problems that i had with this device (usb connection, blinking blue led), and most of all worse support ever, I still like the sound that this thing puts out. When it does. However, I now have a completely new problem. Up until now I had it hooked up to Logitech 5.1 system, and I could select any mode (44.1-192kHz). Recently I hooked it up to the new desktop PC and Marantz stereo receiver, and suddenly I can select only 44.1 and 48 kHz modes. Any ideas why?
  8. HAWX
    How do you find & like sound after you connected to your amp?

    And about your problem:
    You might have changed the switch (located under the card) to Usb 1.
    Have you connected it through optic output?
  9. disfunktor
    Well, the HD detail isn't there of course, because I can't get it higher than 48kHz. I can hear the difference when I listen to HD stuff (when compared with Fiio Q1 at 96kHz/24bit). The RCA output is also too weak for Hi-Fi grade amps. They are usually tweaked to 2 Vrms inputs, and I believe Xonar U7 has 1.3 Vrms. So I have to crank the volume much higher than when I play something from CD player. Luckily there is very little hiss and noise, so U7 still sounds much better than onboard soundcard. When compared to Hi-Fi grade DAC, it lacks in many aspects. It is also less clear, and has less soundstage and definition than portable DAC/amp Fiio Q1.
    I would probably like the U7 a lot, if it actually worked. If Asus cared to polish it up and fix all the hardware and software/driver issues it would be very good bang for buck. But since they didn't, it sucks big time, and I am not buying Asus ever again.
    And yes, I don't have it in USB 1 mode, although I did try to use it in USB 1 mode too. It didn't help. I also tried all the USB ports on my computer. Still doesn't work.
    I never connected the U7 through optic output.
  10. Herv
    Did anyone manage to use spdif in asio ?
    U7 asio driver parameters are locked to 16 bits / latency 20ms, and I can't find a way to specify I want to use spdif and not the default speakers output.
    I asked asus support, but I got the usual "try restore windows" answer.
  11. Xtreme512
    Did anyone check out the latest U7 hardware?  Xonar U7 MkII? What are the differences in hardware and software? There is a driver close to 120MB on the official site.
  12. igytech

    It has different C-Media 6632AX over 6632A sound processor. It is maybe like some upgrade but it is question how is it in reality.
    It has different software probably not compatibile with standard one.

    Also there is not any review to see what is inside, for example better opamps...
  13. Xtreme512
    it is only that in hardware? honestly i dont care about the DSP as i dont use any dsp effects and for HD sound processing for games etc. U7 series already have a powerful DSP.
    for software, it looks like they have used echelon's game features and nothing new at all... but i wonder if the sound quality is the same as the ****ty drivers that have made for U7 or better than the win8 WHQL version. this would be interesting.
    edit: it is most probably compatible with older U7s too as some people managed to run echelon software on non-echelon devices and after that company decided to use the same UI in non-echelon too, which was a bad decision because the old UI was more usable and efficient.
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  14. Green-mist
    Im using Xonar U7 and have been for a while now. Im not that much into good sound but to me it sounds better with High Gain, 0dB. For my headphones, ATH m50x, Im supposed to use medium, -6dB, but to me it sounds better with it set to High 0dB. They are 38ohms. Can someone clarify this to me? 
    Low Gain -12dB for <32 ohms
    Medium Gain -6dB for 32~64 ohms
    High Gain -0dB for >64 ohms.
    Thanks. :)
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  15. Xtreme512
    just put it to 0db that is neutral (most optimal experience) and adjust the volume of your headphones according to your taste.
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