Asus Essence One Headphone Amp/DAC (CeBIT 2011)

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by g-san, Mar 3, 2011.
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  1. RiseFall123
    The iphone can’t be EQed or I should add an equalizer.

    What’s the sound signature of your two combinations? I mean we are in the warm or in the bright side?
  2. raoultrifan
    I would call it neutral-to-warm side.

    However, without a bit of EQ-ing I can't increase the volume if headphones are used, because I'm 4KHz sensitive (either EQ, either modded headphones) and I need 8 KHz to get increased (for some reason I'm missing 8 KHz with all my headphones, but on the speakers 8 KHz sounds fine).
  3. RiseFall123
    It's anyway a "try" and listening in the bedroom room I would like to not add more stuff to the "chain".

    I am trying to understand if I can use the Mojo-HD650 pair without any amplification, there I have no issues at all about fatiguing listening, but I am a little afraid about the dynamics that I lost.

    I am testing and thinking, to choose between Mojo-HD650 or E1-HD650 with the mods that you advices.

    Any comments/opinion are very welcome.
  4. Hopup
    How long have you used E1? Have u tried upsampling if it reduces the fatigue? Is your music high bitrate?
  5. Player4
    I've recently purchased a one mkII. I have a small collection of op-amps , so I am thinking about using LME49720 in I/V, OPA2107 in buffers and LM6172 in LPF.
    Didi someone used this combination?
  6. RiseFall123
    I have the E1 from 2012, I used very much as dac and very few as headphone's amp.

    I tried upsampling but I didn't like the results at all.

    I use only iPhone>Tidal>E1 so 44,1khz bitrate.

    The problem is not with all music but with a good part of it. Instead, with Mojo, I don't have fatiguing at all (but the E1 has other advantages).

    Now I put away (for now) the E1 and I want to give the attention to the Mojo to understand if it can pair well with HD650, just don't want other A/B test for some days in order to not confuse my hearing. If I will get used with the Mojo's low dynamics and narrow soundstage (but also the musicality, tone, details and zero fatiguing) I will stick with it otherwise I will back with the E1 but I will ask some advices to make it more "warm".
  7. raoultrifan
    Upsampling only work fine in the Mkii version; you can read more about it here on this forum, but also on the Archimago's blog.

    Also, for opamp upgrading there's plenty of info on this forum. I would suggest MUSES01 in I/V, BURSON V6 dual or MUSES02 or MUSES8820 in LPF. Buffers will not change the sound much, I can't recommend you changing the default opamps unless you really want to do this (however, MUSES8820 could be a good upgrade for the buffers, though you will not feel any difference in A/B test).
  8. r343
    Tested 4x Ne5532 in I/V againts 4 x Muses01 in I/V for HD800 to bring bit more lower end / bass.

    Well the clarity and detail loss was just too much, singer voices went meh and there was more bass quantity but not quality. Rather use Muses01 and just EQ little bit more bass with low shelf filter.

    Have to add that Muses01 feet seemed very fragile and about to break when removing or adding them to sockets.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2018
  9. endeeinn
    That's good news as that means you have the real deal Muses01s and not fakes. Mount them is a socket and remove the socket when opamp rollin or better yet put them in and leave them there as you won't find better.
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