Asus Essence One Headphone Amp/DAC (CeBIT 2011)

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by g-san, Mar 3, 2011.
  1. raoultrifan
    Congrats for your purchase

    There's not much to do, it should sound very good "by default". However, you have 233 pages left to read now. :)

    You should also find the English ver. of Soudnews review, they did a great writing of their Essence One and HD800.
  2. Hopup
    It does take some time for the amplifier to burn in and the sound to turn less bright. I could swear that even after multiple years the sound of the essence and hd800 has still improved. I'm certain that two years ago this setup sounded much more bright than now.
  3. grig
    Let's face it, this is a good amplifier rather than a good DAC and is good as well as an op-amp bench, but if you want to get out more, roll op-amp is not going to do the trick...
  4. Hopup
    Well, it got very good review from 6moons back in the day. If I remember right, it was being compared to 10K dacs for its sound.
  5. grig
    well i own one too, so i know very well how they sound and then i own a fostex hp-a3 which sound even better.
  6. RiseFall123
    There’s somebody here that owns the Mojo dac too?

    Just for a comparison between the E1 and Mojo.

    To my ear the E1 is better in filling and driving my HD650 but I like to have some impartial opinions about that.
  7. RiseFall123
    Does somebody compared the E1 (even the original) with the famous Mojo?

    I have both and think that as dac the Mojo is far better but as headphones anplifier (hd650) the E1 is better than Mojo (big difference in filling the cans).
  8. r343
    Product page says that Muses Edition contains ●Headphone: 1 x I/V: NE5532; 1 x LPF: NE5532; Current Buffer: LME49600 at stated Headphone section.

    I wonder how much it would improve if i switched muses01 or 02 amps to replace NE5532 as iam using HD800.

    But dont wanna make it more bright sounding, it would be too much if it would effect that way.
  9. raoultrifan
    - Essence One has 4 x NE5532P in I/V stage, 2 x NE5532P in LPF
    - Essence One Muses has 4 x MUSES01 in I/V, 2 x NE5532P in LPF
    - Purchasing the MKii kit will get you 2 x MUSES02 to place in LPF
    - All of the above have 2 x LME49720 in Voltage Amplification Stage followed by LME49600 buffers.

    Upgrading opamps in this DAC is a pleasure and has been discussed in over 50% of this thread, so feel free to read our thoughts. However, bottom of line everyone here agree that 4 x MUSES01 in I/V will give you a better sound.
  10. Hopup
    I have HD800 and muses. When I first got it, it was clearly bright but as the components burn in, it gets less bright. I don't know if it is the amplifier or the headphones what had even more burn in but the sound is much better now couple years later than when I got both of them. I have used both very extensively.
  11. RiseFall123
    I have the HD650 and the E1 (normal) and it never been bright. Simply a perfect combo (to me).
  12. r343
    Yes, more specifically i was wondering that after you have 4 x muses01 in I/V and 2x LPF but NE5532 at Headphone Stage I/V+LPF which is Default for Muses Edition, can it be noticed if those are changed better. I readed this thread but didint catch much info about situation like that, Upgrade kit is 96€ which contains 2xMuses02 but whole thing costed for me 300€ so dunno if its worth. I would place those in Headphone stage to replace NE5532
  13. raoultrifan
    You could get cheaper MUSES 8820 for the LPF.
    Headphone amplification stage is using LME49720 and not NE5532 and LME49720 is the recommended opamp by the TI for this schematic. However, feel free to change it with any other good quality bipolar opamp.
  14. RiseFall123

    E1 original and HD650 is my setup.

    The source is iphone-Tidal.

    I find the combo good and dynamic, excellent with balanced good produced musics but with most I find it fatiguing for middleup highs.

    I wonder if with a kit or a ops switch I could solve the problem otherwise I will stick with the comfortably Mojo (but with less impact).
  15. raoultrifan

    Before spending anymore money, couldn't be the HD650/E1 pairing the issue? Can you try a parametric EQ to lower the frequencies you feel "fatiguing" (around 4K perhaps)?

    However, you can start opamps rolling, of course: 4 x MUSES01 in I/V + 2 x MUSES02 (or MUSES8820) in LPF. If too expensive, you could try 4 x MUSES8920 in I/V, but sound will not be the same as 4 x MUSES01.
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