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Astrotec AM-90 or VSONIC GR06

  1. TuckYou91
    Which one us better? If you have any other recommendations in the price range feel free to let me know.
  2. Swimsonny
    The new Beyerdynamic XP series. The XP3 goes toe to toe with the GR06. Want mid centric then go for the Vsonic, clarity then the XP3.
  3. TuckYou91
    where can I buy it?
  4. Swimsonny
    Jaben Online!
  5. TuckYou91
    thanks man would I need an amp to power it?
  6. Swimsonny
    No, I have used them with an amp ut these will sound fine straight out of you phone, computer or DAP as long as your have good quality music of course.
  7. TuckYou91
    ok cool sounds good will be using them with a clip+
    btw I subscribed to you on youtube I'm nygmen90

    Looks like if you buy any of the new Beyerdynamic XP series at Jaben you'll receive a free Hippo Pipe Portable Amplifier with them.

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