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Astell & Kern KANN - DAP with Massive Storage & Battery

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Levanter, Apr 4, 2017.
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  1. Luvdac
    @JasonNYC. This has probably been asked before but any plans to get replaygain on the KANN?
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  2. JasonNYC
    No plans at this time, but I will definitely pass the suggestion on to our software development team as a user feature request. No guarantee that it would be added in a future firmware release.
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  3. Terry Newton
    That's something I wouldn't mind having.
  4. Mr. Thompson
    My experience in trying to get an RMA number was frustrating enough. Yesterday FedEx couldn't deliver the return because there was no one able to sign. I verified the address and they tried to deliver the package again today. FedEx claims A&K have moved. The address on the RMA form from A&K does not match the one on their Website. I tried to contact A&K to verify the address and they do not answer their phones.

    I'm way past not happy with A&K.

    Edit: Fastest response I have received from A&K via email. Apparently they moved, perhaps over the weekend and sent out RMA forms with the old address. Hard to believe...
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
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  5. Luvdac
    Thanks. This would be a great feature. Right now I prefer to use the little cayin n3 in the car cause it can handle replay gain. A must when shuffling songs. Another great feature of the cayin is that it sends the artist and song info over bluetooth to the car display. Another win for the cayin. This too would be a great addition to the KANN.
  6. kertong
    edit, sorry to rant
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2018
  7. FrostyP
    What casesare KANN owners using? I was using the Miter case but putting my KANN in my pants pocket beat it up a bit
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  8. lithrai
    I recently listen only from line-out balanced output. Did you try it too, guys? What do you think about the sound?
  9. Shetzu
    Have not used a case . But I found a great cheap solution. You get a Fiio zipper case box which makes the Kann fit real well. Have been using it for a while now. The 2nd part of the case cover can be using to tug in your adapters and cables.


    Check it out. Its worth it.
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  10. skylinekursk
    I use the same and it's definitely worth it! Put my DAC, cable and few tips for earphones...

    Does anyone hear difference in sound with new firmware ever? First time i've asked and got answer from official A&K account it was fine. But now i know a lot of guys who thinking they made changes in latest versions also...
    Little bit strange and i'd like to have old firmware like 1.05 to try downgrade and compare...i might be wrong but Kann sounds so good so probably it was too much for flagship Ultima... but i think A&K use only Wi-Fi updates for reasons.....
    If anyone has old firmware or links to download please share with in PM...
    Thanks guys..

    p.s. no offence to A&K...just want to check if sound really the same or it was changed....
  11. lithrai
    I think it's not possible to downgrade firmware. And to me, the sound is still same.
  12. SoundSquare
    Just got prompted for a firmware update (1.12) on my Kann.
    release notes say "spanish added" only, no other changes ? a 183Mo update just to add a language ?
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  13. Mr. Thompson
    A&K fans, cover your ears.

    28 days ago I requested a RMA from A&K. Scroll back a few pages and you will find my disgust with their lack response. 11 days later I received a RMA number and form. Astell and Kern moved and had me send the Kann to the old address. After verifying the address with FedEx after two failed delivery attempts I finally received a response from A&K, they had moved and indicated in the email that they said they were reaching out to shippers to have packages rerouted. BS. I shipped the Kann on our corporate account and had several conversations with the appropriate folks at FedEx over three days. A&K lied, they never contacted FedEx until they finally got around to reading my emails.

    Today I received another email from A&K. 15 days after receiving my Kann they have confirmed that the battery is shot and is 70% depleted after an hour of playback. IT TOOK THEM 15 DAYS AND I TOLD THEM WHAT THE PROBLEM WAS!!!! Now it will be another three weeks while the TURD is shipped to Seoul for repair. Add in another few days for their future screw ups and that's two months. Totally unacceptable for what poses to be a high end product.

    I have been blessed to be friends with many of the great names in high end audio. All of them have strived to insure that warranty and repairs receive top priority. Even the behemoth that Linn has become gets repairs out within five days including a personal email regarding the solution to the problem (thanks Dan!).

    Since it's my day to deservedly crap on A&K let me give you a little secret to the Kann's sound. A lot of it is in the power supply. Years ago Joe Grado and I had a humor filled conversation about Dick Sequerra's $400 CD3400 dock. It was a few gel cells and a float charger with lights and ports in a fancy case. Three 7 ah alarm jell cells were the sweet spot. As I recall Tyll introduced some new hotrod models with PSU upgrades shortly after this.

    As to A&K, you deserve this public flogging. Buyer beware, a high tech product is only as good as the support behind it.

    Edit, added thoughts:

    A return label with the appropriate LiPo warning label should have been provided. No LiPo shipping cautions in the RMA despite the fact that what I described pointed to a failing & puffing LiPo pack. I just hope these incompetent folks don't ship the whole thing back by air without removing the battery first (for the clueless it's a fire hazard). I asked them to remove the failing battery before sending it overseas a couple of weeks ago via email.

    Edit, more added thoughts:

    The other aspect to this is corporate liability. A&K has not played by the rules and is wide open. Anyone who is serious about RC stuff (quads, I don't know what the rest of the hobbyists do) knows that LiPos should be monitored and maintained. Active batteries are best kept in fire proof containers. Failing puffers should be safely disposed. No one in the RC community would suggest shipping a failing battery yet it's commonplace for the devices in our mobile connected world. At least all the PC/cell phone/tablet manufacturers have the decency to provide proper shipping documents and hazard labels.
    Last edited: May 9, 2018
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  14. FrostyP
    I'm still noticing some albums have songs in the incorrect order despite all the metadata tags being correct. Will there be a fix for this issue?
  15. Shetzu

    This is really an unfortunate incident and not wanted for. I do hope A&K will improve and not make such incidents a practice .
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