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Asian music (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

Discussion in 'Music' started by legendarylvl1, Jul 6, 2011.
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  1. LegendaryLvl1
    Sup guys...
    I've always noticed that the music section lacks an Asian influence (of course, I understand that there are a great deal of you who listen to classical pieces from India, Turkey etc etc)
    I was wondering if any of you listened to East Asian music (excluding any classical pieces), and how or what your experience was with them.
  2. aurabullet
    I personally love listening to all of the above, I prefer them over english music due to me being able to feel their music more. Don't get me wrong I love english rock, pop and rnb, it's just personal preference.
  3. juman231
    I like Korean raps because its not just about drugs and sex like in most of American raps...
  4. soundboy
  5. FalconP
    Hong Kong pop music used to be good during the 70s and 80s; afterwards it was trash.  I put the watershed at 1992, the year when Aaron Kwok and Charlie Yeung appeared -- this is when local companies realised that trash could sell.
    Taiwan used to have a good tradition of folk/folkish singers who graced the music scene -- always enjoy Chi Yi -- although in recent years you'll more likely find trashy faux-R&B music.
    Mainland China has been infected with faux-R&B since day 1 and the market is strongly hype-driven (the "internet singers" craze circa 2006 flooded the whole China with talentless hacks).  Unless you're ready to go underground, don't bother.
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  6. soundboy


    Funny you mentioned 1992 because that's the year that I associated with the demise of HK pop as well.  Since I grew up with Sam Hui, his announcement of retiring from music basically killed my love for the genre.  On top of that, the decreasing production quality of albums from many established stars and the lack of creative energy made the genre irrelevant for me.  I stayed away from HK pop for a long time....years....until my ex made me attend concerts by the likes of Twins, Eason Chan, etc.  OMG!  How the mighty has fallen. [​IMG]  
  7. pigmode
    I've listened recently to Japanese and Korean female vocalists performing in french. I have no details, but wish I did.
  8. fabio-fi
    Only Ayumi Hamasaki so far. Oh, and anime music.
  9. FalconP
    I imagine Thai pop music would be interesting.  Thai songs are occasionally covered by Hong Kong singers in Cantonese, and what I heard are bubbly fun stuff with folkish trappings.
  10. RexAeterna
    are you looking for asian producers/composers in general or type of asian culture type of music like from soundtracks like ''Hero'' or ''The last samurai'' where they use asian based instruments?
  11. Sinue
    Some KPOP

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  12. deadlylover
    I don't think asian music is very popular here because it tends to be poorly recorded and very bright, which doesn't mesh well with most high end gear.
    Doesn't stop me though, I love it ^^.
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  13. Sinue

  14. Sinue
    Modern KPOP is recorded well.  You should have a listen.

  15. Sylverant

    Not to mention it can and often does sound just as hard; as well as more melodic, and the beats are sick [​IMG]

    Its so worth it though. Chinese Anti-foreign rage inspired black metal is so good. From deep within the Beijing underground [​IMG]

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