are young men struggling with sexual id?
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Obviously you've not been in the hood lately.

Good point, I don't know they roll down there in ridgeville.
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New contacts.


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The use of words instead of dots on the face is a stroke of genius: works up men's sexual fantasies like no other. It will work better still if they replace "Kitty" with a synonym.

Ah, I beat you to this by a few years or so... after seeing the local Sanrio shop chock full of 18 year old Japanese girls, I decided that "Hello *****" would be a much more descriptive brand name.
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New contacts.


I'm sorry, but those contacts are hot! That crazy ass chick is right up my alley.
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wow..a gun mod. krazy.

iono..depending on how the logo has been changed for the men's line... I really don't think it's that weird for a guy to wear it. It just depends on the execution of the style.

No... let's just execute (as in terminate) the style.
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I'm sorry, but those contacts are hot! That crazy ass chick is right up my alley.

You're sure that's a chick??

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Yeah, that Ferrari pic is from Hong Kong. People do all kinds of weird paint jobs on their rides here. In the last few days, I've seen a Japanese SUV with "cool" sprayed across it graf style, a Maybach and a classic Mustang from the '60's. We see Ferraris and Lambos all the time. HK is a good place to live if you wanna grow up around exotics.
I remember riding my bike past Lotuses and Porsches when I was a kid. Now I roll past 'em on the bus. lol. Parking spots in the city are $600 US a month and gas is like $8 a gallon, so yeah, I ride the British-made buses with roofs that are too low for me and oogle hot girls.

Hello Kitty, Keroro and Cinnamoroll run **** out here. I remember going through one of the main subway stations here and seeing a huge crowd milling around some kind of structure. When I got closer, I saw it was a man-sized "Hello Kitty Wedding." People were taking loads of pictures. Everyone here takes like 200 pics a week or something. I just found out there was an actual wedding for a couple that met in the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) system:

Hello Kitty Dream Wedding
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Believe me, in Asia, you'd have no doubts about the veracity of the thread title whatsoever. Dudes carry their girlfriends' LV bags over their shoulders and wear pink-rimmed glasses. Buddy of mine wears sweaters draped over his shoulders, crosses his legs and speaks in a fashion that can only be described as, "real gay." He has a pretty wife and is straight as can be (as far as I know).
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You should see the manufactured "boy bands" in Asia. The horror...

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