Are Studio Beats by Dr Dre really that bad?
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Hmm, I last tried them a few weeks ago, and they didn't sound too bad, I guess that's in comparison to apple headphones.
@Kana, that's exactly what I was thinking, changing the EQ on the phone to make them less bass heavy.
I realize 75% of the cost you pay is for the Monster/Beats Name Logo.
Its the same with apple, probably costs $100 to make an iPhone 4S, with a 1000% mark up, but you are getting a quality production return.
So what good alternatives are there? I googled ES10s and I guess I don't like the look of them. I'm probably budgeting up to the price of beats.
Oh and edit: Eric, yeah that's what I thought, they are $620NZD and 1NZD=1SGD.
I have searched through a few posts, a lot of them having trolls, but it's getting there 

Heres the thing.....regardless of the price or even performance.....for the money you could easily get three quality pair of headphones that will all outperform the Beats.....just on that fact alone you're better off getting something else.
I'd rather have something from Audio Technica, Shure, Sony, Denon, Sennheiser......and you can find 2 or 3 nice pairs for what you'd pay for those overpriced Beats. 
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I really won't say that the beats studios are horrible, just horribly overpriced. They should cost $75 to $125 at the most.
If somebody just wants bass heavy sound, they could get the Sony XB-500s for 1/4 the price.
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I haven't hear the Studios, but the Pros are muddy as hell. It just drowns out everything, especially the "crisp" you want.
I'm sure the Studios aren't too far off when they come to sound.
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I haven't hear the Studios, but the Pros are muddy as hell. It just drowns out everything, especially the "crisp" you want.
I'm sure the Studios aren't too far off when they come to sound.

When I did my comparison I found the Pros add so much reverb on the lowend it does muddy up and thicken the lower regions excessively.
The Studios aren't as bad but for the high price they sell for they should be comparable in performance to other cans in the same price tier.
My Audio Technica ATH-A700 are miles....actually light years better in performance than the Pros and they have a street price of $120.
I will say the build quality on the Pros is very nice....but it all boils down to the sound at the end of the day.
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Heres a a pair of Audio Technica ATH-A700.....which a re made in Japan.......get a pair of Panasonic HTF600.....street price of $35....throw in a pair of Audio TEchnica ATH-AD700 that sell for $120 for now have all your bases covered and you've spent less than $300.
Now you a can collection....not just one overpriced pair.
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Quite frankly lmao the apple earpods are like 30 bucks and sound a little better than dre's, and monster's garbage. UE, Yamaha, Sennheiser, and AKG's lowest end blows beats away IMO. Besides skullcandy I haven't heard anything worse than beats. 
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I answered incorrectly - My reply was to the post heading, not the poll question - I replied yes to "Are Beats really that bad?" as opposed to "Are Beats OK?"
Just wanted to clarify that - and I'm not just saying it without experience. I have demo'd Beats at multiple stores - they always sound muffled, bass-heavy and NASTY.
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I used to have the dre beats solo hd red edition headphones and now I currently have the dre beats mixr. In terms of portability the dre beats are very very good as you can fold them in half and simply tuck them away in your pocket. The solo hd are awful built quality mines broke after 4 months which was a very common problem people had since the hinges were made of plastic. They look really awesome but they have a very muddy bass which is very over powered so they only really useable for listening to hip hop tracks but for anything other then that like watching a normal video they unbearable.

Then the dre beats mixr they are very portable also and have an awesome feature which is you can twist the headphones 180 degrees since they are Dj headphones. Also they look really classy unlike the solo hd which are very shinny. But the fit of the dre beats mixr are awful since they are really tight and actually hurt your head. The bass on these are ok and not over powered. When I brought my beats I knew I was choosing style and design over audio quality which is something many people don't realise. The beats are advertised as the best sounding headphones but that is far from the truth they look awesome though but then again fashion and design are subjective.
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ok the first thing you have to know is that the manufacturing quality of beats is horrendous i wouldnt them past more than minimal everyday stress anything beyond that and they will snap. second is that with beats you're pretty much only good fortwo genres rap and dubstep. thats becuase the bass is very good but the highs and the vocals are pretty bad. if you want to listen to rock or pop you wont be happy with the sound quality. but if you want the name and you're a bass head then go for them but i dont advise it
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Weird to revive this thread after being almost a year since the last post. Also, your comments make it seem like you haven't heard the new beats studio. Vastly different product than what they put out before.

All in all, the new beats are pretty good all-rounders

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