APRIL FOOLS! Astell&Kern AK480 Music Player!
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Mar 5, 2012
Ok, for your eyes only.  I'll try to get more info and release date.  Stay tuned!  Of course I will post my popular unboxing/first look video here.  


Sorry to let you guys down.


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I think I'll wait until next year for the AK960. Seriously though, the specs look amazing. Not a fan of the looks - but since I will never buy it, I guess that isn't really for me to decide.
Also, if that screen is 5.5", the player is going to be absolutely massive (not in the popularity sense, since that's limited to 500).
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They gave you permission to post it already?! 
  Hopefully we'll be the first to review it at Audio360.org.  Ah, who am I kidding?  If you got permission to post it, that means Jude already has one, lol! 

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I was lucky enough to get a preview listen to this unit while I was in LA at the Iriver offices, and I have to say, I would never have believed that any portable could sound more refined than the AK240, which I though was already better than what I thought possible from a DAP.
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Happy April fools guys :)
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Lol even though the pricing is ridiculous, I'm sure there are some head fiers who wouldn't give a thought into jumping on this golden wagon...

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