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Apple Earpods specification

  1. rivarex1104
    Hi guys,
    I'm now exploring the sound frequency and I think it's pretty important to understand the frequency range of the headphones/earphones. I have started with my own headsets like creative EP-630, Audio Technica ATH-ES7. However, I couldn't find the specs for new Apple earpods (iphone 5). In my experience, this earphones sounds really sharp and clear with the treble; and it also has pretty good bass. So I think the Apple earpods may have very high high-frequency and pretty low low-frequency specs. This is just my thinking so I don't know it's right or wrong. Maybe the sound can rely on other factors like sensitivity, impedance, magnet material,... 
    Anyone who knows about the specs please share. And correct me if I have mistake. 
    Cheers guys.[​IMG]
  2. lwien

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