Anyone try the ALO modded SQ5?
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Mar 23, 2009
I spied these on the ALO site and saw these neat looking headphones.
I looked on this site and found a few bits and clips of what i assume are reviews?

"I can't believe this is SQ5"
"I know stock SQ5, this is sharper and bass is not boomy"
"Vocal is so sweet I like this better than ESW9"
"stock SQ5 is not a good SQ so the recable improvement is
"SXC recabling is good match"

I was just wondering as these headphones are really aesthetically pleasing and I'm probably gonnna get 'em anyway

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I saw those as well, would love to hear more.
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Well here You go, just got My pair Today & first impresions are very good. First off, I'd like to thank Ken at ALO Audio for getting these here so quickly (ordered 7/28) & for doing such a great job on these as build-quality is top-notch (braiding & termination are done beautifully). First thing I noticed as I was opening these up & unwinding the cable was that the cable itself looked longer than 4.5 feet, and upon measuring it's 6 feet & has a soft sleeving making it very flexible that was virtually free of microphonics. I immediately recognized one of the external mods where mass was added to the cup holders, giving them a solid feel w/the added rigidity, while virtually eliminating any creaking or unwanted noises from the frame itself. The fit & comfort-level of these was surprisingly good w/a generously padded headband & My ears were small enough to fit inside of the oval shaped cut-outs of the rectangular shaped earpads, which I think is very important as they create a good seal & isolate quite well. I have these hooked up to My PC plugged in directly to the soundcard, as this was their intended purpose. Straight-out-of-the-box they have a well-balanced sound, with tight, punchy bass, sweet highs & that trademark AT mids & soundstage. Quite impressed to say the least, maybe My expectations weren't quite that high to begin with, but I'm quite interested in how good these will sound after 100 hours of burn-in & also how these will scale with better sources & amps. From what I've heard so far, I could easily recommend these for someone looking for a great sounding closed can in the $150 price range.


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what happened to these? id love to get a pair. anyone have one they arent using? ill trade for it maybe.

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